Varicose Vein Treatment – No Cuts & No Stitches

With the technological advancements, there are so many treatment options available like laser vein removal and sclerotherapy to compression treatment and microphlebectomy at the vein doctor SJ. So, how will you know which can be the perfect option for you to get rid of those nasty veins?


There are multiple factors that can help you to decide that with ease. Read the following details to know more about:


Even though there are various treatments possible to take care of the veins according to the vein specialist SJ, no one method can be concluded as the best one available. Each case is unique and each case has the different attributes that need to be considered before the doctor comes to the conclusion by the vein doctor SD. Underlying medical conditions also need to be taken into consideration before suggesting or implementing anything.


People often take the treatment because of cosmetic concerns which are okay. A small minority of patients think they need the treatment because of the physical pain they are experiencing. Patients may also deal with extreme conditions like leg swelling and other things. If the case gets severe of the varicose vein, bleeding could become an issue. At this stage, consult with the vein specialist SD right away.



If the problem is not severe, patients can look for easy ways like wearing compression stockings to stop the problem and get relief right away. However, if the problem is little more than the patients have to take the medical support. Laser treatment and chemical ablation are two typical examples of this.



Laser heat therapy is one of the most popular treatments and widely practiced by vein doctor CA. In this method, the vein doctor CA knows the vein that requires treatment. The veins are then imperiled to high-intensity laser beams. After a certain amount of heat, these veins collapse and shrink. When the affected veins are just collapsing and shut, blood is automatically going to the healthy veins. This process is fast and easy although it may create a burning sensation and some pain in the treated areas.



In sclerotherapy, the place that needs to be treated is held tight and a chemical irritant is given in the affected veins. This starts the fibrosis process in veins, the veins collapse, and healthy veins take the places of faulty veins. This form of leg vein removal produces it and causes no to less discomfort. The results are extremely reliable in every way. If you are planning to take this treatment consult with the vein specialist CA today!


Most of the new methods of leg vein treatment have these things in particular:



* They focus on the closure and collapse of injured veins


* The procedure is quick and simple


* There are no harmful problems


* There is no too little pain


* Patients may start normal activities after one day rest


* Treatment may be altered to match the individual requirements


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