Varieties of Hand Block Prints the Make Clothes Look Graceful

Among the ways India as a nation showcases itself is through its exquisite and rich diversity of Textiles. It’s a perfect combination of exceptional craftsmanship, magnificent colors, creativity, and supreme quality.

One of the renowned techniques of developing exquisite textiles is hand block printing. It is among the oldest Indian craft forms in which craftsmen utilize wooden blocks for developing complicated patterns on the fabric. Although there are multifarious block prints to select from if you most probably wear hand block printed dress materials and sarees. However, some prints have earned worldwide recognition.


Ajrakhrefers to a block printed cloth with crimson red as well as indigo blue symmetrical patterns. The craft has originated from Sindh (now in Pakistan). It was done by Khatri community artisans in Sindh who went to Kutch in Gujarat as well as Barmer in Rajasthan and maintained the traditional craft there.


Dabu is an old mud oppose hand block printing of Rajasthan. It is supposed that fine art was presented 450 years back by the Chippa community who went to Bagru. Chippa implies a community that prints works or stamps together by the riverside. The riverbank provided them with clay which is a significant ingredient of the printing system. Presently the community has spread across Rajasthan. Akola is among the key clusters for printing.


Bagru is a small village that lies at a distance of 30-35 kms from Jaipur, which is not famous for any palace or fort but for keeping alive the 3 centuries-old traditions of printing with natural colours as well as wooden block called ‘Bagru Printing’.

Sanganer prints are called for delicate flower as well as leaf motifs. Bagru prints utilize these natural designs, yet additionally incorporate geometric shapes, for example, checks, waves, and jaali patterns which have been taken from Islamic architecture.

Bagh Print

Bagh is a small town located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Popular for its Bagh caves, the town is likewise connected with the craft form of fabric printing known as Bagh which is additionally the main source of vocation for individuals of the region.

The art has its foundations in Sindh (presently Pakistan). The craftsmen from Sindh were migrated to Marwar in Rajasthan as well as Manavar In Madhya Pradesh and later in 1962 to Bagh district. The Bagh printing style has developed since then.


Kalamkari is among the most traditional as well as oldest craft forms of India. In ancient times individuals used to go from a spot to one more to tell stories through dance, plays, music, a few of them utilized to draw on the canvas. This is the way the art of kalamkari was born. The name Kalamkari means Pen (Kalam) Craftmanship (Kari). The specialists use the bamboo stick like a pen as well as cotton fabric as a canvas for drawing.

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