Varieties of screens for weed pipes and bongs

When you are new to the significant wide world of marijuana pipes and also other cannabis accessories, then it could be tough to decide which products are worth your time and investment. A lot of the concentrate and hype is placed on the smoking devices themselves with eye catching colors, and functional designs to suit any need. What’s so hardly ever talked about are the cannabis accessories that genuinely assistance these types of tools function. A screen is not just an aesthetics piece, and its presence serves a vital goal for the all round design of most bongs and pipes, but there isn’t just one type of screen. There are many distinct designs, colors, plus a couple of different supplies which might be readily available now. Get more information about Marijuana For Sale Online. Marijuana For Sale Online It does not matter irrespective of whether you live in a state with medical marijuana laws or not we do our best to assist you get your 420 mail order.

Though all marijuana pipe screens serve the extremely very same fundamental objective, there are benefits and drawbacks to either variety, or many people swear by under no circumstances using one at all. It’s crucial to think about the implications of these types of decisions prior to you run into problems based on your chosen or lack of cannabis accessories. Get more information about Order Weed Online. Order Weed Online at Weed Me Very good with only top rated excellent products readily available you’ll be able to also get weed for sale, Wax, shatter and cartrdges order now.

Benefits and drawbacks of using a screen within a marijuana pipe or bong


Prevents ash from receiving into your mouth

Compact and protected to shop with other compact cannabis accessories

Stops weed grind from falling out of your bowl

Prevents the smoking device from receiving clogged

Not quite high-priced


When you have an oddly shaped or sized bowl, it might be difficult to locate a screen of either variety to suit your needs

Clogs the airflow smoking devices faster

Straightforward to drop

Can sometimes make the bowl smaller sized, which leads to the device holding significantly less

Types of screens for weed pipes and bongs

You will find two various components which are made into screens for marijuana pipes, including glass and brass metal versions.


Glass pipe screens are created of lots of different sorts of glass and are typically painted and or shaped into exceptional and fascinating shapes that work completely to filter the content material of a bowl.


Brass material pipe screens visually resemble a metal strainer that you’d uncover in your kitchen but are created of a much finer mesh without having any sort of coating.

Pros and cons of glass screens


Wide array of colors to choose from

A broad array of designs accessible

Reusable and recyclable

Cannot blow holes when in use


Can’t be manipulated or adjusted

Quite fragile

More costly than the metal option

Stays hot for a longer period just after use, which increases the risk of obtaining burned

Benefits and drawbacks of metal Screens


Adjustable and type fitting

Compact and straightforward to carry

Can withstand travel and drops

Extra affordable

Cools down just about instantly right after use


Effortless to drop

Quick to tear

Doesn’t final extended

Basic designs and no unique colors

Inside the end, neither form of weed pipe screen is superior to the other, and both kinds have perks and downsides according to how your device’s bowl is designed, how usually you travel with it, how normally to use your device and several other personal preferences which can be extra difficult to predict. If you’re used to old school metal screens, I extremely suggest no less than trying a glass version to see and experience the distinction amongst the two for your self.

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