Various Poker Card Game Variants And Method To Play Them

The poker game is so entertaining that many players are always glued to their seats, and they keep playing the different types of card games online. They find playing so many free online poker games fascinating. Another best part about poker is that it offers many exciting poker tournaments where you can play cash games on a smooth online platform and earn loads of money.

If you want to know which online poker games are a must-play, then here are their names and the method to play them.

Texas Hold’em

This online card game deserves the first spot. It is the most famous variant of poker. Texas Hold’em poker has easy rules and methods of playing, which are mentioned here.

The objective of the game is to create the best possible five-card poker hand.

In this game, the dealer deals two private cards to each player.

Then, the dealer reveals five community cards on the table by the end of betting rounds.

You need to make a five-card hand by using any combination of the seven cards.

Omaha Poker

If you want to know the second-best variant of poker, then it is Omaha poker. This is how to play Omaha Game:

The dealer deals four private cards to the players

Then, you also added five community cards.

You need to make the best five-card hand to win the game.

Omaha 8

If you want to try playing a game that can treat you even when you make a low hand, then go for Omaha 8. To know how to play Omaha 8 game, this is the method of the gameplay:

This game also has betting rounds and blinds, just like the above two variants.

But it may interest you to know that the gameplay and the showdown in this game are different.

You can need to use two out of four of your hole cards and three community cards to make a high hand or a low hand.

5 Card Omaha

5 card Omaha is a poker game that you must try other than the ones mentioned above. This is how to play 5 cards Omaha:

In this game, the players get five private or hole cards.

Then, you get five additional community cards too.

You need to use three community cards and the two-hole cards to make the best five-card hand.

3 card poker

To play a simple game that gives you an adrenaline rush, know how to play this must-play variant of poker:

A maximum of eight players that also includes a player-dealer position can play the game.

There are different bets in the game called Ante bet, Pair Plus, Ante, and Pair Plus bets.

You need to pick between the two bets before the deal.

The players need to place a wager for the Ante bet or the Pair Plus bet.

Then, you get your three cards in a face-down manner.

You have to beat the dealer in this game and emerge as a winner.


These were some of the best online free poker games you can try. Download the app and begin to play cards online!

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