Various Types of Gate Valves and Their Specifications

Gate Valves

A gate valve is used to completely stop the fluid flow or, when fully opened, to allow full flow in a pipeline. As a result, it may be utilized either totally closed or fully open. A gate valve’s components include the valve body, seat, and disc, as well as the spindle, gland, and wheel that controls the valve.

Strong Valves is known as one of the biggest Gate Valves Manufacturers in India. These Gate Valves come in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions and can be modified to match our customers’ specific requirements. Our high-quality Gate valves are intended explicitly for the petrochemical sector, chemical industries, steel factories, fire prevention systems, and shipping industries, among other applications. We are also the leading Gate Valves Supplier in India.

Types of Gate Valves

  • Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are primarily made for isolation and on-off services in systems with high suspended particle contents. 

  • Pressure Sealed Gate Valve

Pressure seal gate valves are employed In high-pressure applications, often at pressures exceeding 100 bar


  • Threaded gate valves

Threaded gate valves are classified as nonrising stem valves or rising stem valves. Usually, the valve body’s stem component is threaded into place. This implies that if you turn the handwheel on the stem, the gate will travel down or up.

More different types of valves we provide such as Cast Steel Gate Valve, DIN Gate Valve, Bellow Sealed, Gate Valve, Forged Steel Gate Valve, Cryogenic Gate Valve, and Resilient Gate Valve. These Gate Valves come in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions and can be modified to match our customers’ specific requirements. 

Gate Valves Applications & Uses:

  • Gate Valves used Automotive Industry
  • Gate Valves used in The Oil and Gas Industry
  • Gate Valves used in Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Gate Valves used in Construction
  • Gate Valves used in Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Valves used in Refining Industry

Gate Valves Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Stockists  in India

Strong Valves are one of India’s largest manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Gate Valves. Our product is thoroughly tested through toughness and hardness tests before we sell and distribute. We provide these various sizes, shapes, and dimensions Our Gate Valves and various variants are manufactured in India under international standards. We are also the top Gate Valves Stockist in India.


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