Various Types of Printers

A printer is known as an output device, commonly used for printing documents. A document might be a text, graphics, or a combination of both. It accepts commands directly from a PC to print the documents for a user. Printers are the most popular portable output device categorized into: –

    2D Printers
    3D Printers

2D Printers are used for printing a document whereas 3D printers are used in the development of three-dimensional objects like jewelry, food, and in medical.

Below are the various type of printers

1. Laser Printers

Laser printers came into existence in 1971 by Xerox Company. It is one of the most common printers which uses a laser as the main component to print the document. Whenever a document is to be printed, a laser beam is drawn on the selenium base coat with an ink toner which is mixed with the paper and then spread over all the area with heat and pressure.

2. 3D Printers

The 3D printer is the best innovation in the history of printers which is invented in 1985 by Hull. The 3D printer is used for manufacturing three-dimensional objects. It uses materials like PVC, plastic, polymers, and foods. 3D Printers can be used in various applications like IT, food, medical, etc. There are many renowned 3d printer brands worldwide that manufacture 3D printers like SOVOL known for its SOVOL SV01 and CREALITY known for its ender series like Ender 2 pro, Ender 3 s1, and ender 3 V2.

3. LED Printers

Just like the laser printer, LED printer used for printing documents the difference is LED printers to use light-emitting diode i.e LED rather than laser. It was invented in 1989 by OKI. LED printers are not popular as Laser and Inkjet, but they are gaining popularity because its’s affordable and provide various benefits to users.

4. Solid Ink Printer

These printers are designed to save packaging costs and area. The technology used in solid ink printers is of unique type as like of inkjet printers, which directly stream into the paper. In the case of Solid ink printers when the ink is poured into the drum.

5. Dot Matrix Printers

Dot-matrix was first created by Centronics in 1970. It uses an ink band that prints the graphics and text by putting thousands of dots. This printer is used less because of its low printing speed and graphic quality.

6. Thermal Printer

The thermal printer is also known as an electrothermal printer. It uses heated pins to print the document. This kind of printer is used in various industries like food, entertainment, medical, etc. The main advantages of these printers are of low cost and ease to use.

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