Various Uses And Applications Of Bovine Pericardium Tissue

As the name suggests, Pericardium tissue is highly durable and tough. It is designed out of a double-layered membrane. The tissue covers the heart and offers it protection, during the expansion and contraction stage.

  • Under the lab conditions, the tissue is harvested and cultured
  • It is a specific type of bio-material and used for various clinical uses
  • It is made up of specialized collagen

The tissue is known for its elasticity and strength. Due to its elastic nature, Bovine Pericardium tissue finds its use in artificial heart valve replacement as well.

Wide variants

The tissue is available in three basic forms. They are the generally cross-linked type that is minimally processed. You can also find these types of tissues that have multiple layers and thicknesses. The third type used in labs and clinics is of frozen type.

General specs and properties

The tissue is highly durable. Thus it is used for many clinical applications. Manufactured tissues meet clinical and lab compliance. It is an elastic and highly expandable type. For use in the medical device, this property is more useful.

For cardiovascular applications

The tissue that is manufactured in the lab conditions is widely used in the form of vascular patches it is also used for replacing damaged heart valves. The elastic material used for harvesting this tissue in lab conditions makes the tissue resistant to expansion and contraction.

Used in the stomach as reinforcing material

If the surgeon performs surgery in the stomach lining, then the process of stapling is done to shut the stomach portion. Pericardium tissue is used along with the staple line so the line gets tougher. The tissue is the biodegradable type and is generally used before the closure procedure is performed by the surgeon.

Reinforcement during hernia

If you are suffering from a hernia then you may have to undergo an operation. If the patient is suffering from obesity conditions and has to be operated on for a hernia, then the task is not easy. There are higher chances of infection spread.

Using graft that is biological material proves helpful. It speeds up the recovery process. Using pericardium tissue will help in preventing the infection from spreading. Expert surgeons make use of multiple layers of pericardium tissue when performing hernia operations on patients.

This tissue not only reduces the infection spread but will also prevent the hernia from striking back.

Reconstruction of the pelvic floor

In many females, the vaginal wall may not be strong enough to offer support to the pelvic region. This condition leads to the development of the protrusion nearby to the vaginal canal. It will also lead to the formation of protrusion near the uterus, bladder, small bowel, and rectum.

In recent times, surgeons have started making use of the pericardium tissue when performing this procedure. The strong pericardium tissue is used for replacing the tissues in these areas that are weak.

It is also used for heart valve testing – AWT, durability, hydrodynamic in the lab conditions. Heart valves are made up of multiple layers of pericardium tissue leaflets. The tissue has been identified for its mechanical properties.

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