Various working modes of mobile crusher

Based on the traditional crushing process, mobile crusher improves the mobility advantages, expands the working range of crushing production line, and can meet the crushing demand of more industries. The design idea of mobile tire crushing station is to fully adapt to the various requirements of mobile crushing, and can provide customers with a new operation mode and greatly reduce the operation cost.

The mobile crusher is composed of crawler chassis or tire chassis, frame assembly, main engine and auxiliary equipment, power system and hydraulic electric control system. The feeder and vibrating screen integrated with crusher, belt conveyor under screen, vibrating screen and crusher integrated on-board installation, independent and self-contained production line, turning to traction shaft, convenient for road transportation and site penetration, vehicle mounted installation support, quick and convenient equipment site stationing, vehicle mounted motor and control box integration.

Various working modes can be selected, including primary crushing station, secondary crushing and screening station, belt conveyor, etc. all levels of crushing stations are independent work units, which can fulfill their respective responsibilities. The belt conveyor is responsible for material transportation and stacking between crushing stations. It can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs, crush materials on site and move with the advance of raw material mining face, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.

In order to better serve the users, the mobile crusher has made improvements in energy saving, reducing energy consumption under the same conditions compared with ordinary crushers, and has also made special treatment in environmental protection. Not only the whole working process is sealed, but also has less dust and noise, and it is equipped with professional dust removal and noise reduction equipment, so the environmental protection performance is more guaranteed.

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