VASER Liposelection – The subsequent Gen in Physique Contouring

VASER Liposelection a term which is gradually becoming well known. Although nevertheless unfamiliar, this new method would be the least painful and most powerful solution to shed that excess “exercise resistant” physique fat with minimum downtime and it looks to revolutionise the way liposuction is performed. Get a lot more information regarding ดูดไขมัน

So what will be the benefits of possessing VASER liposelection more than the traditional approaches? VASER uses the state with the art 3rd generation ultrasound technology which in contrast to the earlier ultrasound based remedies delivers significantly significantly less intensity of power to the tissues. Vaser lipo is tissue selective (fat selective) & therefore gives extra uniform results, decreases the blood loss (allowing larger volume liposuction), achieves excellent skin retraction post op and as previously stated, a shorter recovery time, with a lesser bruising and pain.

This is how VASER works in the simplest possible terms. The procedure is similar for the one used to break up cataracts in the eye; using ultrasound technologies (also used to treat kidney stones). The ultrasonic technologies breaks the fat cells & emulsifies (liquefies) fat, allowing it to be suctioned out easily, leaving the veins, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue unscathed without collateral damage.

VASER lipo can be done under local anaesthetic and sedation if it involves small areas, rather than general anaesthesia. This in turn means that after the liposelection, people can be back at work only days after obtaining the procedure. VASER liposelection is generally used for treating excess fat on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, underarm, to get rid in the ‘love handles’, double chin, ‘saddle bags’, ‘banana rolls’ and ‘man breasts’ (gynaecomastia). VASER also allows for better sculpting in tougher and fibrous areas like back. It is an effective procedure for both sexes.

There will be around a week of swelling, which will then recede aided by pressure garments. One will continue to have noticeable results for up to six months, as the skin continues to retract and achieve the new sculpted form.

Liposelection is a surgical procedure used for physique contouring and not for weight loss. However, VASER liposelection confers an edge over the conventional procedures by allowing removal of larger amounts of fat which was unsafe due to blood loss. Recovery after a large volume liposuction is faster with VASER.

VASER has now been used in a lot more than 100,000 procedures all over the world and has proven to be safe with improved results. Hi- def liposelection with VASER is gaining popularity amongst men for the a lot desired six pack abdomen. VASER lipo will be the next gen physique sculpting surgical procedure and the preferred alternative to conventional harsher liposuction techniques. Its Liposelection not Liposuction.

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