Video Marketing for Lawyers

What’s up with all these branding videos?

Have you noticed the sleek, impressive branding videos many lawyers are running these days? You might see them as a TV advertisement, but more likely via social media or on a law firm website.

Typically, these videos are well-crafted and designed to show the lawyer as a “real” person; they may include interview clips from the lawyer talking about his or her background, or philosophy about practicing law, why they became an attorney in the first place, etc., interspersed with mood music, and pans of the courthouse steps, a swinging briefcase, etc. For social proof, they include snippets of interviews with clients whose lives the attorney has helped to change through their representation.

The idea, of course, is to put some high-quality video together that presents the lawyer as someone you like, get to know and trust through the telling of his or her story in the video. These videos have become more and more popular in recent years; they are fast becoming the lawyer’s version of “Glamor Shots,” designed to make us all look and sound like a million bucks.

Video marketing for lawyers: final words

Branding videos are like any other social media product; the landscape is always changing. What was unique two years ago may not be as unique today. Different companies will produce different styles of videos. Take time to determine not only which style speaks to you, (And the price range that speaks to your budget) but also and more importantly, which style you think will speak the loudest to your targeted ideal clients.

Once you select a vendor, make sure you keep the communication lines flowing to ensure that you don’t receive a cookie cutter or “glamour shot” video. Make sure they understand what you are looking for and that the finished product reflects YOUR vision.

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