Learn to Open, View & Read MBOX Files Emails in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

view mbox files on windows 10

There are many email clients, most of them are MBOX files that you can save into your desktop, but you cannot open and view them on your PC in the usual way. Therefore, you need to transfer them into a file format that can be viewed by all users of any computer. The best file format is PDF document format. If your MBOX file is in PDF format, you can easily open it. In this digital post, I will talk about the perfect solution for queries, which is how to view MBOX files on Windows including all attachments and other file details.

With MBOX File Viewer software, you can open all MBOX files on your PC. This software supports all Windows operating systems with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and other Windows operating systems. This software can be used by all users including those who do not know about such file conversion procedure. You can complete the steps of this application without professional help.

How do I Open MBOX Files in Windows with Freeware MBOX Viewer?

The user can rest assured that MBOX File Viewer opens, reads and displays MBOX files including attachments at the same time. The tool is competent enough to check .mbox files with no other dependency on the email client’s download. In addition, the software supports MBOX files from various email clients including Thunderbird, Entourage, Opera Mail or more.

The graphical interface of the tool is very easy to manage and interact, making it easy for beginners and technicians to operate. Furthermore, this program is compatible with all previous as well as later versions. Then we go through a complete guide to learn how to open and read MBOX file with MBOX Viewer utility?

Step to View MBOX Files on Windows OS

It’s time to start by reading the instructions for opening and reading MBOX email files.

  • Download the software to View MBOX  Files installer file to your PC and install it. The installation procedure is easy to do, so don’t worry.

download software

  • Click Open on the toolbar and select MBOX Files from the menu that appears.
  • This opens a sub menu with two options where you have to click Select Files.
  • Navigate to the location where the MBOX file is stored, select it, and press the Open button.
  • The program will automatically find the folders stored in the selected MBOX file.

After completing this you can easily open and view MBOX files on Windows without expert assistance. The reader does not need any technical training for using it. Free MBOX Data Viewer is developed using high-tech algorithms that allow customers to work effortlessly with it.

The tool does not include any limitations. Upload mailboxes or saved items to the .mbox file. Customers can browse MBOX files of any size in this application.

What’s So Unique in Free MBOX Data Viewer Software?

The very first reason is that the application is available for free and, as freeware, it has numerous smart features that can be used to view and read MBOX files on Windows. Below are the points that describe the uniqueness of method:

  • Supports Bulk Opening MBOX Files – MBOX file reader solution provides the ability to process multiple MBOX files or folders at the same time. The user can free add files as often as they like. Thus, when searching for MBOX files, researchers are not limited in any way.
  • Offers Several Functions for Investigation: There are many functions available to forensic specialists to collect evidence from suspicious MBOX files. The application retrieves header properties and hexadecimal representation information for each email present in the MBOX. In addition, it downloads the attachments associated with the message.
  • No Time Limit for Using the Tool: Since the program is free, it has no time limit to access it. Professionals can use this solution as much as they need to solve the case. There is no need to buy software to completely solve the “cannot open MBOX file” problem.

Final Words

In this session, we cover how to view MBOX files on Windows 10 and others without using any errors. We gives the automated free software to easily open, view and read MBOX email files with attachments. You can follow the below steps to complete the task efficiently.

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