Vilitra (Vardenafil) Tablets for ED – Uses, Dosage


Vilitra may be a generic product from the foremost roaring treatment for male erectile dysfunction, Levitra, effective in nearly all men with impotency and achieving a more durable erection. The active substance Vardenafil belongs to the PDE5 inhibitors that have long been used for the treatment of impotence and impotency. Vardenafil comprises a quick activity time, it takes regarding half-hour to require influence and lasts concerning five hours. It’s additionally familiar to possess fewer aspect effects than an it-impotence drug tablets like Viagra. The producing prices are a small amount higher, however sensible results supply sensible worth.

What’s the vilitra:

Taking the oral pills of Vilitra containing generic Vardenafil goes to bring forth more durable erections. The pills are utilized by those that have an issue in gaining erections naturally. Containing a potent PDE-5 secretion matter generic substances referred to as Vardenafil the medicines to grant cause you to win erectile organ hardness.

However do vilitra tablets work:

Vilitra may be a medication to treat male erectile dysfunction. Therein active element gift is Vardenafil that is additionally familiar by the name Levitra or Viviana. The element may be a PDE-5 matter that works by quiet the graceful muscles and regulates the blood provide to the erectile organ region. Therefore serving to a person win Associate in Nursing retain an erection for higher gender.

Uses of vilitra:

Vardenafil may be a substance that helps patients bounce back hardened erections. This is often additionally a pill that helps you to sustain your erections longer natural process you effectively of one thing referred to as softer erections. You’ll be able to use the pills for obtaining a more durable erection however this is often solely visible after you stimulate the erectile organ orally or by hand. Keep in mind that Vilitra isn’t a sexual performance-increasing drug. It doesn’t permit you to remain arduous for a protracted time on the bed

How to take vilitra:

Super Vilitra ought to be applied at the side of a pill at just one occasion employing a glass of plain water. It’s Associate in nursing oral pill that’s undeniably eaten up whenever till thirty seconds to one hour of starting adoration along with your assistant. You’ll be able to place it to use within the wake of getting supper. Nice for those that value more highly to involve Vilitra reviews in Associate in Nursing empty abdomen to watch faster begin timings. Conveyancing it afterwards weighty/greasy dinners will delay sustenance and activity timings with the male erectile dysfunction prescription. On a specific note, stopping liquor and juice will assist you avoid unfriendly impacts, which may happen unexpectedly

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Body pain
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Rashes on the facial space
  • Paleness of the skin


Missed Dose

Avoid the lost measurements assumptive it’s nearly a perfect chance for your following set-up portion. On the off chance merely that you just that you just simply take it daily and pass up a dose, settle for the lost measurement after you bear in mind.


Whenever you’re taking Associate in nursing excess, instantly decision your mind-altering drug. Whenever outperformed, the measurements of Vilitra ought to be compelled to confront severe antagonistic impacts. Ne’er bring the borrowed quite prompt.


Store Vardenafil at a temperature not extraordinary + 30°C. Store within the original outer packaging, faraway from wetness.

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