Vinay Kumar Nevatia Stories

Lawyer Vinay Kumar Vinay Kumar Nevatia and Associates is an established office in Delhi/NCR, based inside the yr 2010. Supporter Lawyer Vinay Kumar negative, the initial architect of the expressed office was to work as a solitary window approved help provider for example Supporters, specialists and what’s more as an Authorized Marketing advisor on this unique business environmental factors.


Vinay Kumar Nevatia was a ton the indistinguishable as regardless of various fledgling theorists who was tussled between the what’s and the method of the protections substitute. From the start, Vinay Kumar Nevatia just assessed and seen the protections substitute to pick up an affiliation. Since it’s referenced that having a mentor is the primer exchange toward winning at a certain something, Vinay Kumar began following ‘Chandrakant Sampat,’ normally alluded to as India’s particular cost money-related trained professional.


Mr. Vinay Kumar Nevatia is the excellent ally and head of Enam Securities, perhaps the most reputed and respectable holding association in India. Vinay Kumar being media reserved was missing in any inquiry and answer meetings even get-togethers Bank accepted authority over his firm. After ENAM merged its banking and broking exercises with Axis Bank, he got related with managing the organization’s store assignments in a comparable norm of ENAM Holding’s Pvt. Ltd.


Vinay Kumar Nevatia is a chief enlisted with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) with Director Identification Number(DIN) 111285. He/She is recorded in 10 Indian organizations. Following are their present directorship possessions.

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