Viral Marketing

When marketers mention the concept of viral marketing, what comes to mind is a sudden spike in sales. This is definitely an impressive situation, because more sales means more profits. Unfortunately, many marketers think that they must pour a huge amount of money to attract the sales. However, the reality is that all you need is ensure creativity. In this post, we talk about the examples of viral marketing and look at the benefits of using viral marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you are in business after the pandemic and looking for ways to increase your sales, it is time you focused on the examples of viral marketing we share here, and ensure creativity in order to reach the target audience.

What is viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing

I believe you have come across a viral video on social media. If so, you are already forming conceptions of what viral marketing refers.

How Viral Marketing Works

By definition, viral marketing refers to the method of creating a buzzword or marketing pieces that are grabbing the attention of your target audience. The viral marketing methods can use different techniques. Before we look at the advantages of viral marketing, here are good examples of viral marketing techniques for your business.


1. Big balloon Advertising

2. Advertising on bar coasters
3. Pharmacy bag advertising
4. Printing adverts on door hangers
5. Adverts on pizza packaging boxes
6. Printing adverts on the Coffee cups
7. Adverts on food delivery bags
8. Adverts on shopping carts
9. Adverting on dividers used at the supermarkets
10. Adverts on key rings

Therefore, the above examples of viral marketing are only effective if marketers deployed them creatively. Now, we shift our attention to the advantages of advertising through the above examples of viral marketing techniques.

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