Virtual Reality Ad

According to statistics, the economic impact of virtual reality is predicted to reach a staggering $29.5 Billion in 2021. Marketers can use the technology to create interactive user experiences and enable the consumers to get up close and personal with the products or services.

Augmented Reality in Advertising

Here are great ideas of how to use augmented reality to market effectively.

1.   Improve Buyer Awareness

Augmented reality plays a critical role when it comes to generating user experiences. Brands are using AR to educate their customers, hence increasing the customer’s awareness. Customers can use the technology to move around your store, without leaving the comfort of their homes. That way, AR enables the businesses to deliver better product awareness in an effective manner.

2.   Let Customers Try Before They Buy

Potential customers have always wanted to try products before making a purchase. Using AR, businesses can provide customers the opportunity to try products, so that the customers can make the right decisions. This increases product awareness, and even attracts the customers to purchase the items they find fitting and matching their requirements.

3.   Augment Touring and Assistance

AR offers the opportunity for potential businesses to add a digital component on top of their physical locations and products. Thus, customers can use the technology to scan a product or object and find out whether it supplements current needs.

4.   Create a Buzz Around the Brand

Finally, using AR to improve customer experience creates a buzz around your brand. Therefore, you generate more website traffic, and achieve a high level of brand awareness as customers research to find out what your brand is made of.

We have looked at ideas of how marketers can use AR to their advantage. Here is a list of brands using AR to enhance customers experience, and consequently, improving their sales.

Walmart plans to use AR to deliver seamless shopping experience to their customers

ASOS uses AR to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Burberry launched a pop-up AR experience in Harrods to coincide with the launch of its new product.


AR is a great technology that will enable brands to deliver great customer experience. At Adzze, we are building capacity to provide businesses the best experience when it comes to use of AR to deliver enhanced marketing.

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