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BSF is the world’s largest border guarding force and was founded on 1st December, 1965 because to provide guard to the country’s borders during the time of peace. The Border Security Force is one of the three Border Guarding Forces (BGF)of India. The motto of Border Security Force (BSF)is to give duty unto death. The Headquarters of BSF is situated in New Delhi, India. The general nature of BSF is to give Federal law enforcement. The Governing body of BSF is Ministry of Home Affairs (India).

The abilities of BSF were used in the Indo-Pakistani War which took place in the year 1971, against the Pakistani forces. BSF created part of Mukti Bahini,had trained the forces and entered East Pakistan before the appearance of the current war. During the Liberation of Bangladesh which took place during 26th March 1971, the Border Security Force (BSF)had played a very important as well as very crucial role which had also acknowledged by Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman.

The main objectives of the Border Security Force (BSF) are to provide guard and security to the border, to provide prevention of any sorts of illegal deeds on the border as well as stoppage of smuggling, prevention of unauthorized entry or exit from the Indian territory and many more. BSF is the one and only Central Police Force which have its own Air Wing and artillery regiment. The three battalions of the BSF are located in Kolkata, Guwahati, and Patna and are appointed as the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in which each battalion maintains 18 self-contained specialist search and rescue teams of 45 personnel. At Dhubri Assam where the Brahmaputra river enters Bangladesh the largest section of the Border Security Force is situated there.

A national level school for breeding and training purposes of dogs is also maintained by the Border Security Force (BSF) where dogs from other central armed forces and State Police are sent to National Training Center for Dogs (NTCD) so that the dogs can be well trained for the detection of explosives things, infantry patrol etc. A unique quality in India is also asserted by the Border Security Force is a Tear Smoke Unit (TSU)which is used by the Anti-Riot Forces, RAF. TSU (Tear Smoke Unit) is required to make tear gas munitions. One of the specialized commando unit of Border Security Force (BSF) is The Creek Crocodile whose main aim is to prevent the entering of terrorist by Pakistan as well as to prevent the activities of smuggling.

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