Visit The Typhological Museum In Croatia And Experience Something New

When you think of a vacation, all you think of is about the beautiful sights that you will see. From beaches and mountains to artifacts and architecture, we make sure that we don’t miss anything worth seeing. But, have you ever heard about the Typhological Museum in Croatia? Well, if you haven’t, then you should make sure that this time you book your villas Croatia and visit the unique museum in Zagreb!

When it comes to Croatia and museums, there are a lot of offbeat ones. Like the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Illusions. But, what makes the Typhological Museum unique is the fact that the museum caters to all your senses and not just sight. The museum serves a twofold purpose. One, it offers an opportunity to the sighted and the blind, to experience art with all their senses. And another objective that it serves is that it gives the sighted an opportunity to experience life from the perspective of a visually impaired person through installations like the Darkroom. In the dark room, people are guided by touch and sound with no visibility at all.

Sound interesting isn’t it? Well, even if you are not a museum kind of person, you should visit this place to experience something new and unique. When you plan your trip to Croatia, make sure you take out at least an hour or two to visit this museum. Other than this, there are many other museums that you can visit like the Mushroom Museum and the Museum of Torture. Or you can spend some calm time in your rented villas in Croatia with private pool!

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