Visiting Manuel Antonio? Three Must-Do Things for Outstanding Experience

Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle could be a great way to energize and refresh your body and mind. Whether it is a week-long vacation or a weekend gateway, turning your hectic schedule off and exploring a new place can prevent you from getting burned out. So, if you haven’t had a vacation for a long time, now is the time to plan. Now, of course, you might have a few travel destinations in mind, the most important thing would be to choose it based on your mood.

If you are in the mood of spending your vacation at exotic beaches, then you must visit Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. Just imagine staying at a luxury vacation rental Costa Rica, waking up to the ocean breeze, and participating in activities such as surfing and fishing. Sounds good, doesn’t it? So, if you decide to visit Manuel Antonio, here are a few things to do.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: The first thing that comes to the minds of most of the people when thinking about Manuel Antonio is the national park. And it is worth your time. You can explore the diversity, ecosystem,and three beautiful beaches with guided tours.
  • Fishing: As mentioned above, fishing is one of the recreational things to do when in Manuel Antonio. There are plenty of places to throw your fishing rod and catch mackerels and swordfish. This is an excellent family day of fun.
  • Explore Quepos: If you want to experience sport fishing, scuba diving, and iguana touring, you must spend a day or two in Quepos.

While you are exploring Manuel Antonio, makes sure to book your tour with a professional tour agency such as Blue Horizon.

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Blue Horizon is a prominent tourist agency that provides excellent services in Manuel Antonio such as Costa Rica fishing trips, and more.

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