Visual Product Configurator- KBMax Visualization

We have more visual product configurator that you can test drive. Simply click a product to get access to additional features.

Immerse in responsive 3D visualization.

Change colors, dimensions, perspectives, options, and more in real-time. Interactive 3D is deeply integrated with KBMax CPQ on both the end user side and the admin tool.

Buyers visualize in dynamic 2D.

Products change dimensions in real-time as users enjoy customizing and configuring for themselves.
Place on your external website.

KBMax is the only visual CPQ solution that allows you to embed a product configurator on your website. Now your end buyers can visualize, dynamically price, and quote your products instantly.

The benefits of visual CPQ.

What does Gartner have to say about the impact to the business when introducing visual CPQ?

“Companies that implement visual configuration solutions see significant improvement in their deal win rate, lower costs for drafting computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, less rework in the factory and lower carrying costs for samples at retail locations.”

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