Vital Details About PTFE Lube And Its Benefits

PTFE lubes are used for coating nonstick cookware, which are used in all common households, due to the useful properties of this chemical polymer. The application of PTFE technology for other purposes are also discussed here.

The whole form of PTFE is Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is a Fluoropolymer that is widely used in industrial equipment and applications. For its numerous properties, the PTFE lube is commonly used as a coating in non-stick cookware that we use in our houses. It was discovered quite accidentally in the year 1938 by a DuPont organization engineer.

Some Characteristic Properties In A PTFE Lube

  1. Self-cleaning ability
  2. Low Friction
  3. Resistance to high temperatures
  4. Resistant to high electrical
  5. Durability
  6. Corrosive resistant
  7. Non-flammable

Teflon is quite a reputed brand for using PTFE coating in making heat resistant and non-stick products.

What Exactly PTFE Lube Is?

It is a type of film lubricant that is mainly used to reduce friction between the two surfaces without the use of any grease and oil. PTFE lube is mainly used in coating non-stick cookwares in PTFE. This process includes the use of both a top coat and a primer coat. PTFE lubricant is designed in a way to apply in areas that require corrosion resistance, low-friction, or dry lubrication. For the purpose of long-term sealing, PTFE film lubricant has dry RO-59 deposits.

Depending on the usage, you can find different grades of PTFE lube. For instance, the industrial-grade coating will be different to that of a food-grade coating.

Some Advantages of PTFE Lubricants

Including the above-mentioned properties, there are numerous advantages as well of PTFE Lube. All these make PTFE a unique lubricant.

  • It is quite an inert substance and that is why it does not generally react with other chemicals. For stocking, reactive mixtures or lining materials that generally come close to reactive agents, this is a great solution.
  • Because PTFE lube which is a dry film lubricant helps in reducing frictions, this solution can be used in numerous applications. It can be used in cookware materials to even automobile and industrial parts as well.
  • PTFE lubricants also help in resisting high electrical. This is why it is also used in circuit boards and electrical cables.
  • PTFE lube is also quite weatherable and water-resistant as well. A great number of industries not only use PTFE lube for improving performance but also increase the durability of the objects and products.
  • PTFE coating also helps the material to improve its high-temperature resistance ability. This also the material to be non-flammable as well.

Some Other Advantages Of PTFE Technology

The PTFE technology has many advantages. That is why it is used quite commonly in cookware items to even industrial types of equipment as well.

  1. Provide better horsepower
  2. Boundary films improvement
  3. Improvement in increasing efficiency
  4. Give protection via rust inhibitors
  5. Helps to decrease wear and tear in moving parts and engines
  6. Helps to increase the time between rebuilds

These are some of the advantages and also a brief detail of PTFE lube. It is quite efficient and that is why it is used in many sectors as well.

Author bio: Hi, I am the owner of a cookware manufacturing company. I have found the benefits of PTFE lube over the years in all my products and make them more useful to my customers.

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