Vitamin B17 Sources That Everyone Should Consume

Vitamin B17, or laetrile, is often called amygdalin. Foods high in vitamin B17 have high nitrilosides and these include a variety of seeds, grains, nuts, sprouts and tubers, plus leaves and beans. The highest concentration of B17 is found in bitter almonds and apricot seeds. B17 is also found in smaller amounts in apple seeds and plum seeds.

At present, vitamin B17 (Amygdalin b17) is offered in various shapes and types on the market, such as tablets, capsules, injectable solution… Let’s see some of the main sources of Vitamin B17 below:


Lumps and seeds

Apricot pit is the richest vitamin B17 rich food because it contains a lot of amygdalin inside the pit. The core of the apricot can be opened to obtain the pit. Other fruits with lumps rich in vitamin B17 are peaches, plums, cherries and nectarines. The small seeds of apples, grapes and small fruits of dark coloring, such as, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries are rich in vitamin B17. Remember that pickled fruits that have seeds are also great Foods rich in vitamin B17.


Walnuts are rich in various nutrients, including minerals and proteins. Almonds, especially the most bitter, along with Macadamia and cashew nuts, contain vitamin B17. Bitter almonds are the top of the list.


Bamboo shoot contains high amount of vitamin B17, while alfalfa, bean, chickpeas and bean sprout have average amount.


Berries – including Raspberry, Strawberry, Currant, Blackberry, and Blackberry – contain admirable amounts of this anticancer vitamin. Don’t forget Quinoa, Currant, and Blackberry! However, the surprising fact is that wild berries contain Vitamin B17 in quite high amounts.

Leaves and Beans

Leaves that are sources rich in vitamin B17 include alfalfa, beet leaves, spinach, watercress and eucalyptus. Grains that are good sources include black beans, black beans, peas, broad beans and lentils. These leaves and grains can be prepared as healthy accompaniment or can be used in soups.


Macadamia comes soon after and finally the cashew nuts. However, the researchers indicated that these nuts are highly toxic and have been banned in the US. However, bitter almonds are used for the manufacture of extracts and give flavors to liqueurs.



Cabbages top this list of foods rich in vitamin B17 with a high dose of vitamin B17 followed by alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas, and all green grass.



Yams, Cassava and Sweet Potatoes. They all contain this vitamin, and cassava tops the list. Despite being a rich source of protein, Cassava Leaves should be adequately prepared to prevent the conversion of cyanogenic glycosides into cyanide.

As with all foods, there are chances of side effects like Headache and vomiting. If you have any of these symptoms, then savor a glass of juice from a rich fruit and Vitamin C – Orange, Lemon or Grape.

Although there is no evidence showing that Vitamin B17 (B17 Vitamin for sale) affects pregnant and lactating women negatively, please check with your gynecologist before consuming any of these Vitamin B17-rich foods to avoid allergic reactions.

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