Vivo X50 Pro Review: A Refreshing Smartphone By Vivo

The smartphone industry is growing at a very faster pace. There are several smartphone options to a buyer like Apple, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and other such brands. They all are considered big dogs in the smartphone industry. Because of their popularity, people are not able to accept innovations and inventions by newcomers like Vivo. Every smartphone company needs time to build dependability, trust, and reputation that can help them to survive in the market.

In this blog, you will find a review of the Vivo X50 Series, which comes with a unique Gimbal Camera System. With this series, you will get a smartphone with mid-range performance and individual camera settings. It is one of the most beautiful smartphones that scores well in design and simplicity. Its price and Funtouch OS are its weak points.

Scores Well In Specs Part

Most individuals might love this smartphone due to its specs. Vivo X50 comes with some amazing specifications. The company packs this smartphone with a Snapdragon 765G chipset with 256GB internal storage and 8GB RAM. With these internal specs, the performance is excellent. The company is shipping X50 and X50 Pro with Snapdragon 765G chipset. But when you need a Snapdragon 865 chipset, then you can go for the X50 Pro+.

You don’t need to think about the usage of this smartphone. The non-stop streaming, gaming, and socializing on this smartphone will not affect its performance. If you love a multitasking smartphone, then you will love this smartphone. Vivo boasts that they have used the best image processing chips on their smartphone. But it is not as good as the company claims. Sometimes you don’t feel good while capturing images. It lags in capturing full-resolution photos. But a 4,135 mAh battery is sufficient to give at least a full day usage.

Design Is A Key To Success

Steve Jobs has stated several things about the importance of design. The iPhone has taught several things to different smartphone manufacturers that working on design might prove one of the crucial aspects of success. Vivo has also followed the same trend and tried something new and innovative. They are branding this smartphone with the term “anti-chaos” device. They have chosen this name due to ongoing pandemic, and it might create a positive impact on buyers.

It is one of the thinnest and lightest phones that can lead to comfort while using and carrying it. The color gradient supports smooth transitions, which is a plus point of this smartphone. You might enjoy its anti-glare coating with a glass back, which makes it a premium smartphone. The camera bump doesn’t look odd and gives a complementing look to its design. But the company needs to work on creating a better sensor chip for this smartphone. Adding a Gimbal Camera system might prove a great deal, but not every user of this feature. A better battery backup might prove a decent addition to this smartphone.

Vivo Funtouch OS Is A Decent Ad-on

Many websites have reviewed this feature, and most of the reviewers are not liking it. But the highlight might prove a decent add-on feature within this smartphone. The feature on Vivo X50 Pro runs on Android 10, which is the latest software. But you can’t uninstall the pre-installed apps, which is a major downfall of this device. If you are a hardcore mobile user, then there is a piece of good news that Vivo X50 Pro ships with Google Play services.

Latest Gimbal Camera System

If you want to differentiate between the X series and V series smartphones, you will find the only difference in the Pro camera experience. Typically, the Gimbal Camera System is not a new feature; you might see it in lots of professional cameras. The feature helps you in capturing moving images like a professional camera.

The camera of this smartphone stands well with tremendous and stable shots. The Gimbal modes help you in avoiding shakes and blurriness while capturing photos. The feature also helps you in achieving night shots without any images. Apart from these things, there is nothing that can excite any buyer. If you don’t want to use the Gimbal feature, you can take perfect images under proper lighting.

The main camera has a 48-MP primary camera with a gimbal feature that can capture a detailed image without any issue. Sometimes, you might notice oversaturation in the photos, which is an issue. There is a 13MP portrait camera that can capture decent images for you. An 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens in this smartphone can capture images with a 120-degree field of view. Undoubtedly, these camera specs can capture perfect images.

There is an 8MP telephoto camera that can capture images with 60x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom. If you use this range of zoom, then it might create low-resolution photos. For capturing excellent images, you need to make some modifications.

The Bottomline It is immensely satisfying to see that Vivo is trying to do something innovative that might be loved by the buyers. The smartphone offers real value to the users as they will get enough specs and features that they have paid for. Gimbal Camera System Works well, but it is quite difficult to recommend this smartphone, especially for this feature. If you found this smartphone useful, then you can buy it for $660. Prices might be different in your region so, be double sure while making mind for purchasing this smartphone.


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