VPS Server: What is a VPS and for whom is it suitable?

Servers are an important part of a company’s IT management, especially if the entity’s website or software is an essential item for the functioning of its business model such as that which occurs in e-commerce, for example.

Get to know about the cheap VPS and discover if it is the best hosting option for your website. Choosing the most suitable plan to host your idea or business is not something that should be done without thinking. In this post, we will let you know about the VPS Server and its characteristics so that you know if it is the best Web Server Hosting option for your site.

But what is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Service is one of the types of server hosting. In practice, each VPS Server works as if it were a Dedicated Server, even if it has less processing power.

Each account has administrative access (root) and completely independent processes. That guarantees autonomy when configuring the system according to needs. It is possible to choose scripts, processes, software, and other customizable settings.

For whom is a VPS Server indicated?

If you are expanding your website or need more control over your applications, you need to buy windows VPS. It can be an excellent option.

Normally a cheap windows VPS India is recommended for websites whose memory and processing resources can be covered by shared Web Hosting plans. But at the same time, they need other features available only in dedicated plans, such as:

– Sending moderate to high emails (specific use);

– Secure firewall;

– PHP global variable changes;

– Apache server parameter modifications etc.

– VPS servers are also ideal for those looking for web hosting for lightweight applications in JSP (Java / Tomcat) and/or PostgreSQL, for example.

Also, they are an interesting resource for companies that operate with the sending of e-mail marketing, since they have a much more flexible limit. While on shared servers there is a limit of 500 emails per hour, on VPS servers this limit can reach 10,000 emails per hour.

What are the differences compared to dedicated servers?

The “dedicated world” includes both virtual servers and cheap dedicated server. In the case of the dedicated server, we have a physical machine that performs all the processes, while a virtual server is a virtualized machine. That is a physical machine with a series of independent virtual partitions.







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