As an entrepreneur, you know that it is increasingly important to have a continuous presence in the online market and not just when an ad runs. You know that search engine optimization and content marketing are becoming more important to find your customers.

You want to have constant monitoring and improvement on your site, but you don’t have time for search engine optimization. You can choose SEO Packages according to your needs. You want your website to evolve from month to month to stay ahead of your competition on the internet and have more traffic to your website.

Why choose a monthly SEO package?

  • We work on your website every month and keep you updated.
  • We also make the technical settings for the WordPress website.
  • Fixed, the fee can be planned.
  • It pays off many times over in the long run.
  • Less advertising costs because more people will find you from the search engine.
  • It saves time so you will have more time for your business.
  • You will receive a progress report each month which is included in the SEO package

What is included in our SEO package?

  • Market research, analysis

We will assess your competitors and your target audience to target your market not only on the right topic but also with the right keywords. We monitor your main competitors’ activities in the field of search engine optimization.

  • Keyword research

We do thorough keyword research, searching for the hundreds of keywords that people in your area are searching for. We analyze and categorize these keywords to best target our visitors. We create a strategy from the searched keywords, an order in our SEO packages.

  • Strategy planning

It will be almost the primary task of search engine optimization to set up a strategy that can bring your website results month after month.

  • Technical analysis

Review the settings for the technical elements required for search engine optimization, correct them if necessary, or provide a repair guide to the entire website. If you have a WordPress site, we will do it; if you work with another system, we will pass on our suggestions to you or your developer.

  • Consultation

We will give you a telephone or email consultation during the subscribed SEO package, in which our experts will answer any questions or opportunities that may arise.

Why order from us?

Our goal is to increase the traffic to the website in the course of our SEO Services  India because our work is also effective if you achieve success. We specifically use only SEO techniques that do not violate Google’s policies, so your website will be effective in the long run.


Choosing the right agency and the right SEO package is equally important to withstand in this digitalized world.Success also requires your participation because you know your goals, your website’s expectations, and your business, which we need to know if we want to work together effectively! Get the best SEO packages and services from SEM Reseller as they have years of expertise in this arena.

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