Want to Convert AVI To MP4 With UniConverter? Here’s How You Can Do It

Among all the AVI lovers, there lies a small group of people who resent using it. Why? Because they are facing constant problems with the videos. AVI is actually an abbreviation for Audio Video Interleave, and it has an old container format. Microsoft created the format long back in 1992.

Convert AVI To MP4 With UniConverter

Bitter is the feeling when you are tempted to watch a video, but destiny has something terrible for you. Yes, constant stoppings. You might also get annoyed with the continuous backlashes of AVI videos. The reasons for this problem are complicated to understand. To put it simply, some types of videos can work only on specific codes. These videos cannot be played on codes other than that. This is the reason why you might not be able to play the video. The simplest solution to deal with the problem is the conversion of formats. Yes, when you convert AVI formats to MP4, you eliminate the chances of such issues.

Only tracking the solution is not enough. It would be best if you had a dependable, trustworthy medium that can convert the formats. That’s where UniConverter steps in. The makers of the software feel proud to declare that it can convert videos to 1000 formats. It does its work in speed, and you don’t get any quality loss. The following are the methods that help you make the conversion easily. Do as directed.

1)   The primary step to getting started is to look for UniConverter in your favorite browser.

2)   Get access to the online UniConverter window. Once you do that, you will be able to see an import option. Hit on it and import the AVI file that needs to be converted.

3)   Wait for the upload to get complete. Once that happens, the next step is to select the output format of your choice. Tap on the drop-down menu that says, “convert to.” All the output formats will be displayed. Select the format that you want as an output. You want the MP4 format in this case. Click on that.

4)   After you have selected the MP4 format, you are now supposed to tap on the “convert” button. As soon as you click the button, your file will start getting converted.

5)   You will see a “Download” option on the screen once the conversion gets complete. Tap on it. The MP4 video will start getting downloaded in your system.

It’s incredible to see how easily the task gets completed in just a few minutes.

Why UniConverter?

UniConverter is known for its speed of conversion. Not only this, but it also doesn’t give you any chances of complaints with the video quality later on.

Moreover, what sets it apart from the crowd is that the steps are simple and easy to follow. One does not need to know any unique technical know-how to make the conversions.

Also, this online video convertor can work best with almost all browsers. Bonus? It is free of cost.

Final Words

Many people argue that AVI videos are better than other formats. The format provides not one but many unique features to the viewers. The best feature that attracts many is the fact that AVI videos can be edited easily with softwares like Adobe Premiere. You can also edit it using a Mac DVD ripper. AVI vs. MP4 has been a topic of constant tiff among technicians. While some like MP4 for its ability to hold 4K Ultra HD videos, others have their own reasons to love AVI more.

Another thing that makes MP4 a better choice is its ability to hold two subtitle types. AVI, on the other hand, can’t keep subtitles. However, the choice of formats varies from person to person.

There are times we face problems with videos. At those irritating moments, the conversion is the only option that works as a problem fixer. Thanks to softwares like UniConvertor, that enables the users to convert videos in their favorite video formats.

Source – Want to Convert AVI To MP4 With UniConverter? Here’s How You Can Do It

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