Want to Drive for Lyft or Uber? Here’s How to Actually Make Money

Being a ride-share driver means you’re a contractor. As such, there’s no set amount to what you can earn. However, the average uber driver made $568.39 a week in December, the Penny Hoarder says. That can give you a bit of perspective on how much you can get out of driving people around. With one driver coming out and saying he earned as much as $252,000 a year, though, the job definitely offers you plenty of chances to cash in big. The following tips and tricks should help you get the most money out of it.

Save on snacks and water

Store up on snacks and water so you won’t need to spend on them. Being on the road for hours means you may not have time to swing by a convenience shop for supplies, so not only does this move save you a lot of money, you also won’t need to worry about getting hungry when you hit traffic and it’s already lunch or dinnertime.

Know the neighborhood

Grab has recommended times and locations. Rates at these are high so a lot of drivers take advantage of them. Following the heard means that you’ll likely compete with a lot of other drivers who want to take advantage of those times and rates. One thing you can do is know your neighborhood or popular neighborhoods very well. Ignore the hot spots and check out popular commuting routes or places instead. That can help you earn big.

Game up the system

You can also try driving the rates up further. For instance, times between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. get higher rates, which is the time a lot of drinkers try to book a ride home. You can log out of the system for a few minutes before logging back in. Logging out will reduce the available drivers in the area and thus, give you even higher rates.

Sign up for training

Undergoing training as a ride-share driver for Lyft won’t just save you a ton of time, it can teach you Lyft driving strategies that can help you earn as much as you can while you’re behind the wheel. Another good thing about the training is that it helps you avoid common mistakes. That’s one way to keep your expenses low.

Understand the costs

You’ll have a better idea of how much you’re earning if you’re well aware of the hidden costs of driving. There’s gas, insurance, and tolls. Maintenance, car payments and carwashes as well as interior detailing charges will need to be added to your budget as well, Money Under 30 says.

Sell merchandise

One way to add more to your earnings is to sell items. You can start with candies, snacks, and water bottles. If you’re already stocking up on your supplies, why not add a few more that you can sell to your customers? How about offering insurance packages on the side? You can also offer land if you work as a part-time realtor. These can help you earn more.


Earning a lot from your side-hustle is possible. They may take a bit of time and effort on your part, but the rewards are worth it.

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