Want to get into public relation? Know about these 5 job opportunities

If you know the knack of promoting a brand or have excellent communication skill, then a career in public relations is ideal. How to apply for it? There are two ways to go about it; you either enrol in public relation courses and place yourself in a corporate company or research about the company, roles and responsibilities, and earn the job.

What is public relation?

It is the way of shaping and managing the company profile through the means of communication. The PR professionals are the face of the brand. They have to create compelling stories and ensure it reaches to the broader audience via media. For this purpose, they have to maintain a cordial relation with the press. For this purpose, PR managers either develop campaigns like events, contests, and social media strategies.

If you want to learn the skills and abilities of a public relation officer, you can enrol for the courses in a media school. Public relation officers are classified as:

  • Publicist: These people may be found either in an agency or in-house. Publicists work closely with the clients. They assist them in developing and executing the brand strategy. Publicists also create publicity campaigns and identify the best ways the clients can promote their brands to the media as well as the customers. Some publicists also work for celebrities to market their projects and brands.
  • Copywriter: They too work in an agency or are in-house. Copywriters are responsible for writing publicity and marketing materials concerning the brands. These materials include press releases and blog posts. They must comply with the PR strategy set up by the PR managers. While writing the press releases and blogs, copywriters have to maintain the tonality of the brand based on the medium.
  • PR specialist: These people are the backbone of a PR agency. PR specialist has to ensure there is positive coverage of the brand across mediums. For this purpose, PR specialists have to maintain a good rapport with the journalists and come up with relevant story pitches. They have to create pitches that resonate with the journalists, i.e. should be newsworthy and need to represent the client in the positive light.
  • Social media manager: These professionals work on multiple clients or manage a particular client. Social media managers market the brand via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The captions have to be engaging; they have to engage with the brand’s loyal customers and measure the performance of the campaign.
  • Spokesperson: They represent the company in front of the media. A spokesperson has to provide statements on behalf of the organisation. They can offer these statements via press conference, interviews, panel discussions, etc. A spokesperson has to respond to the criticisms appropriately.

The school of communication hone the skills of aspiring PRs and ensure they earn a spot as one of the mentioned roles in a reputed organisation.

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