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“Looking forward to the new contract” may come at any time “may more express the mentality of Miller rather than negotiation. The wild horse will pick up a very important first round show, while Miller has maintained a positive attitude.

Lions defensive nor succeed more so, the whole game of Eli – Manning (Eil Manning) to foot pressure, and caused two possessions conversion. Under the leadership of NDAMUKONG Suh, the lion began a little component cheap jerseys from china the small role in the National United States. The most concerned that the country is the most concerned that the Hawks, Saints and Packages, and the lions will take a long time to take advantage of people.

The black panther first grabbed the losses of the bear, in the first half of the last 2 minutes, and the first round show, the nearest knocked, Greg Olsen, 9 yards Deta, the score of 14-21 into the middle court. In the second half, the defenders of Luke Kuechly, the best defenders last season, the defensive group of Luke Kuechly, and intercepted the bear team offense. Under the exquisite tactical arrangement of the coach, the long guns and short guns, which were successfully promoted by the Chris Ogbonnaya 1 yard. Although the bear team is immediately leading again from the free kick of Gould, the main team gas field is difficult to block. It is said that the Bear team has again collapsed again in the key fourth quarter, and Carterler passes the power of incredible power, and the security Tamas Decao has obtained a copy. Run Walk Faverti appeared very low-level drop in the time of playing the ball, and the black panther seized the opportunity. Olsen faced the old people again and again, caught the key 6 yards. Get a ball to reach! Defensive groups in the last wave of fighting, with Kwann Shorts, Most 10,000 – Edwards (Dwan Edwards) has been finalized for 2 consecutive times.

However, Miller knew that the wild horse and will spend a lot of money for him. If the wild horse hopes to return to the super bowl, they need to rely on the fierce ball shock like the last season to help them. The quartz guards in the current team and the four-point guards that may be added to the wild horses will have not level high to change the team to rely on ball control, powerful scorpion attack, and stronger defensive style.

Wild horses appointed Phillips for new defensive coordinators
According to cheap nfl jerseys reporters, Wade Phillips has been agree with Denver’s wild horse. He will re-latch the wida next season and become a hobby defensive coordinator. Subsequently, the wild horse also confirmed this news. Phillips has served in Dallas Cowboy, Buffalo, and Denver Muslim. His last job is to serve as a defensive coordinator in Texas and temporary coach.

Under the concerns of the national audience, the Lion started the journey of the new season on Monday night, and won the opening of the door with a big victory of 35:14. Why is the lion team suddenly become so fierce? First, they have a solid quarter-assisted Matthews, Matthew Stafford, and the fluerait of the Alliance Carlvin Johnson. In addition, the offensive group also had two traversed guards from the Joique Bush and Joique Bell, from the Golden Tate, which came from the Seattle Hawks.

Feng Miller: Confidence may get a new contract at any time
Among all the big-name privileged labels this year, it is the most valuable player with the team’s controversy, the most valuable player in the superbow, Denver wild horse line guards Von Miller, and that is the negotiation method like Miller.

The first wave of the two sides was discarded, but the bear team special service group had great idea. At all people thought that the black panther abandoned back to attack the hand-Brown (Phily brown) notice the referee It didn’t whistle, and the eyes of the eyes quickly took the ball and completed the 79 yards. He concluded that the team has been discarded from 163 in 2003. The next wave of the bear is once again mistaken, and Jay Cuter is hit when the ball is shot, and the black panther is safe. Roman Harper grabs the outside of the star. The CD is completed before Brandon Marshall. The bear defensive team also created the black leopard’s first round of Kelvin-Benjamin, which was also in color, corner, and isiah frey. The offensive group re-attacks in the black panther hinterland, running the Matt Forte to pick up the 20 yards of the ball, the score is 7 flat. The next wave of defensive bearings will once again take off the Black Panther Will, Willie Youn, Lamarr Houston, Raemarr Houston. Ball right. Carterle This time, the ride, completed the 10-size ball reached, 14-7.

Cardinals first attack after the opening game, but the results are poor can only choose to punt, punt hand Cardinals Drew – Butler (Drew Butler) just kicked the ball 20 yards. Opposite side of the Panthers quickly enter the state, and running back Jonathan Newton – Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) combined with mass run, advancing all the way to the Cardinals 30 yards at halftime, but do not go there after advancing only by kicker Graham – Lugano (Graham Gano) to complete the 47 yards shot, the score to 3: 0. Then the Cardinals offense is still unhelpful to rely on weak ground offensive forced forward, rushed the ball three times failed to finish the first file, Butler’s second punt and only 28 yards, Butler whole game poor performance. Panthers offensive continues unabated in getting the ball, Newton continuous conduction all the way to complete the Cardinals advanced to the red zone, then running back Stewart completed 13 yards rushing touchdowns, the score was extended to 10: 0. Back to the Cardinals still no progress, quarterback Ryan – Lindley (Ryan Lindley) continuously without the threat of short passes, but this time fortune favored the Cardinals, Butler a bad punt 33 yards but makes the black Panther return man Brenton – Boer Xin (Brenton Bersin) hand slipped off the ball, get the ball in the Cardinals Panthers halftime. Then Lindley and wide receiver – Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) completed a crucial third gear conversion, followed by Lindley found Darren Everett – Fils (Darren Fells) completed 1 yard touchdown, score closer to 7:10. Then the two teams attack each other are stalled punt, where the Panthers also missed a shot of 43 yards. Newton’s pass was Cardinals cornerback Antonio in the Section 5 minutes left – Cromartie (Antonio Cromatie) steals and complete the 50 yards to the Panthers back to attack the red zone, followed by Cardinals running back Marion – grid Rice (Marion Grice) complete one yards rushing touchdowns, Cardinals go-ahead score 14:10. Panthers accelerate the pace attack before halftime completed a 39 yards shot, the score became 14:13, the game into halftime.

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