Want to Quit Your Job? 8 Warning Signs You Need to Leave

All of us experience bad days at work every now and then. You may quickly leave your office promising yourself that you’ll give them two week’s notice in soon. However, how can you really know if it’s the right time to quit or just give your job a second chance? 

Some people will say that it’s better to follow your gut. And if your gut is telling you that you greatly hate your job, then you must look for other opportunities instead. 

It’s important that you know how to recognize when you should quit your job or work through a challenge. If you are having second thoughts and still confused to come up with a decision, here are the top 10 signs that it’s time to quit your job. 


Sign #1: Can’t Stop Bringing Negative Energy Into Your Home 

As humans, it’s normal to complain, especially if it has to do something with your work. No job will ever be perfect. However, people who are in the right jobs are not consistently stressing about their work. 

Try to assess your work-life, after signing off that email, do you still bring a poor and negative attitude at home? Remember that toxic and constant negativity indicates that your job is sucking your soul dry. If you can’t leave your emotional baggage at work, it’s time to reflect on the reason you dislike your job and think of what you wish was different. Then go and discover other opportunities that offer that. 


Sign #2: The Company Culture Doesn’t Work for You 

Do you wish that you have a flexible, work-from-home environment? Are you depressed that you’re stuck at a traditional nine-to-five job? If yes, then most likely you’ll never get the satisfaction no matter how much you like other aspects of your career. 

However, you can ask and negotiate a schedule to your boss that works well for you. But if it fails, consider jobs at other companies with a culture that can provide your preferred lifestyle. 


Sign #3: You Can’t Voice Out Your Opinion 


A great and compassionate company will allow their employees to feel completely confident and comfortable at work when it comes voicing out their opinions, thoughts, and speaking up for themselves. If you think that HR doesn’t listen to your concerns and your company is an oppressive environment, you deserve more than that. 

Remember that good employer has an objective and trusted HR support that workers can rely on. If they don’t have it, it’s probably not worth putting up with. 


Sign #4: Don’t Give Opportunities For Growth 

If you feel that the organization are no longer providing opportunities for growth, maybe it’s time for you to move on. The opportunities we refer to are not only about promotions or career advances in a company. These can also be in the form of working on a new project you’ve never tried before taught by a senior leader or your employer is asking you to take on a mid-level leadership position. 

But before you do quit, you want to make sure that you ask your boss or manager if they are open to this kind of opportunities. If they reject any type of growth opportunity, it’s already a sign you need to quit. At least you’ve tried, right? 


Sign #5: You Are Compromising Your Ethics 

If you are placed in a situation that has required you to compromise your ethics and values in life, it’s really a sign that you should leave. This is very true and happens in professional settings because of the possibility of long-term results for your career. 

Although you feel that the compromise is necessary to survive at your current job, giving up your values can negatively affect your ability to get a future job as well as your confidence and good senses of pride. One of the typical examples of an ethical compromise is when you implement harmful and deceiving customer policies to generate more revenue and sales. 


Sign #6: It’s Affecting Your Physical and Mental Health 

Do you notice how your sick days are adding up? Are you always wanting to take as much time off as you can? Do you find yourself drinking many glasses of wine each night just to forget a bad day at work? If you’re not having enough time to eat healthily, to exercise, or get enough sleep because of working so many hours, it’s a sign. Your job is not worth it if it’s sacrificing your wellness. Think about yourself too. 


Sign #7: You Feel Lazy or Anxious Going to Work 

Are you always dreading every night before you sleep about going to work the next day? Although it’s normal to feel that way about the workday, if you’re extremely dreadful on those eight or so hours at work, it’s time that you resign. 


Sign #8: You’re Here Reading This Article 

Be honest, why are you here? Why did you search for these signs? Of course, there is something wrong with your job. If you’re already deeply thinking about quitting your job for so many days, let that reason be a sign that it’s really time to move on. 

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