Want To Step On A Journey To Venture Into The e-commerce Industry? Here Are Things You Need To Know!



The market gaint Amazon serves as an e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers and offers an open platform for merchants to sell their products. The popularity of Amazon has shifted many traditional businesses to seek an online platform to sell their products, paving the way for the rise in demand for e-commerce app like Amazon. It offers a golden chance for entrepreneurs to develop Amazon clone with enticing features to make your app an undeniable choice of shopping destination.


Customer App: The customer can browse through different categories using the advanced search option in the app and place an order of their desired product through the app
Vendor App: The vendor receives the order placed by the customer through this app and prepares the order for delivery
Admin App: The administrator controls and monitors all the orders processed through the app.

What Are The Must-have Features Of Your Amazon Clone?

Having talked about the three ends of the app and their functionality, the app should have certain mandatory features listed below to ensure effective functioning.

User-friendly website: The app website should be covered with all design elements, advanced search option, sorting, etc. to provide a friendly user interface

Wide range of products: By partnering with multiple vendors and sellers, you can provide your customers a wide range of alternatives to find their desired product

Supply chain management: Ensure fast and trouble-free delivery by expanding your network of suppliers so that your customers can receive products quickly.


Launching an e-commerce app opens the door to generate enormous revenue
Seller commissions: You can charge a commission from the vendor for every order processed through the app as an aggregator fee

In-App Advertisements: e-commerce apps have more number of visitors. Using this to the advantage of your business, you can allow third parties to post their ads and charge them

Wrap-Up Note,

Amazon clone is not limited to the above-mentioned features. At TurnkeyTown, our expertise in app development provides you Amazon clone scripts with more exciting features developed using the latest technology to bring your dream business to reality!

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