Want to Transfer Microsoft License to Another Computer? Here’s How to Do It

Microsoft Office is one of the biggest and most popular software companies that have always provided the best products and services to its users all over the world. With its products, it offers various great features as well to maximize the experience of its users. A few years back, the company made a policy change for its products that had restricted the users from transferring Office from one computer system to another. Well, after some time, the company realized the impact of this action and finally changed that policy by allowing the users to transfer Microsoft License from one computer to another. Yes, now you can transfer MS Office from one computer to another. In today’s time, we all use multiple devices. And that is why we need more accessibility with all the applications that we use.

A lot of Microsoft users do not know the procedure for transferring their licenses from one device to another. Are you also one of those users? Want to know the way to do this? Well, transferring the MS Office license from one Windows computer to another is super easy. Anyone can do it real quick. So, here we have mentioned the procedure to accomplish this task. To get the method, you should read the full article.

The Method to Transfer Microsoft Office License

Here is the way that will help you to transfer Microsoft Office license. The procedure includes some simple steps to follow. Before transferring your MS Office license, you will need to deactivate the software on your current device. Here’s how this works. Please take a look below:

To get started with the procedure, turn on your Windows computer from which you want to transfer the license to another and log into your Microsoft account with your ID and password.
And now, go to the “My Account” section and click on “Install”.
After this, select the option of “Deactivate Install” and confirm the action. After this, the Microsoft Office will be deactivated from the current computer.
Now, click on the “Control Panel” and then go to “Program and Features” and uninstall the MS Office from your computer.
And then, open the web browser on your new computer system and sign in to your Microsoft account.
Now, select the option of the “My Account” and then click on the “Install” button. And after this, your new computer will automatically download the file. You will need to open that downloaded file to complete the installation process and go through the instructions for installing MS Office.
So, this way, you can transfer your Microsoft Office license from one computer system to another. This is the most straightforward way to perform this task. And with this, that’s all for now. Stay connected with us and take a tour of our website.

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Source : Want to Transfer Microsoft License to Another Computer? Here’s How to Do It

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