AATECH adapts the LED technology to provide innovative, attractive and functional solutions for over many decades. Backed by over many years’ in house design and LED products manufacturing facilities, we are highly recognized internationally as experts in both the electronic and LED lightning solutions. Our design and manufacturing competencies are truly wide ranging and cover almost all regions in and around the world.

We offer a vast array of LED products for a diverse range of markets. We are a well known manufacturer of LED products. We have always dedicated to provide high quality LED products in the global market. We are providing innovative, customized, and energy efficient lightning solutions. The company’s products are in a well and good condition that accommodates all your lightning needs. Our products are promoted worldwide. We are adhering to the first quality linking to our clients with the good quality products and services.

Here are some of the collections of our LED lightning products mentioned below. Please have a look at our products:

1. LED Air Cleaning Light

Our LED Air Cleaning Light combines the effective energy of the panel with high quality standards of the hygiene, clean, and low bacteria load. We are having many qualified manufacturers who are experienced in both interior and exterior lightning projects. We offer a comprehensive LED design service to meet all your needs.

2. UVC Panel Light

The UVC Panel Light is basically used for the sterilization of the hospitals. Disinfection and cleaning are newly designed with high technical standards for the hospitals and clean rooms, especially for the regions have the number of COVID-19 patients are high in rate. Generally, Our light fixtures using the dual function. Through intelligent switch control, the dual modes of our lights can be freely switched.

3. Frameless LED Panel Light

Frameless LED Panel Light can effectively suppress the lamp from internal system damage caused by current and voltage instability. Our light has been designed and built using the latest LED technology and components to offer the best quality and stylish solutions to all our clients. We provide savings over traditional fittings through their simplicity and ease of installation. Its performance is also higher in rate.

We duly work with our clients to understand their needs and guide them in the selection of the most suitable and complete LED products. Therefore, we are able to provide a basic level of LED products.

AATECH is dedicated to help you detect any threats you face regarding your LED products. We have the solutions for you. We serve your need to better and improve the functioning that is determined and comfortable to you and your product yields. Apart from this, we are having a strong and passionate research and development team. They are highly dedicated to your tasks.

In short, we can say that we not only provide good lighting, but also the finest quality layout.  You can contact us for more information.

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