Want to Upskill your Employees? Use a Mobile Training App!

You may have heard the words ‘Reskilling’ and ‘Upskilling’ being mentioned. Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic began, they were the new buzzwords in HR. But what do they mean? And why would you need to use a mobile training app to do either?

Reskilling and Upskilling Explained

Reskill means to update or refine skills so that you can take on different tasks within your company. Upskill is completely different: it’s an effort to significantly change the nature of work by acquiring entirely new skills. Upskilling is often driven by technological changes like automation – for example, manufacturing jobs that require manual labor will be replaced with roles that need higher levels of programming knowledge.

mobile training app for employee engagement

Companies today rely heavily on technology; sometimes more than their employees realize. Today’s workforce needs both reskilling and upskills training. It’s essential because companies need employees who are flexible enough to handle a variety of tasks due to changing business needs as well as advances in technology.

So how would a mobile training app solve this problem?

The changing economy and evolving workplace are leading to a demand for a workforce with a variety of skills, rather than just one. Upskilling and reskilling employees give companies the best chance to keep up with the fast-moving job market and stay competitive. Traditional training methods may be effective if a company has the time, money, and resources to actually do it over a spread-out period. However, what would definitely work better in a shorter timeframe is using a mobile training app.

Upskilling requires rethinking old training paradigms that don’t permit real-time learning. For a start, it requires keeping up with changes to the job market. Then you need to give employees access to innovative training programs. The end goal of this is to help them keep their skills fresh as new advancements in technology emerge. A mobile training app can help you achieve all of this.

You have to understand that you can’t force employees into a room for one or two days of training. Upskilling’s an ongoing process, requiring a shift in mindset from the organization. A company has to consider how it’s going to motivate its employees and keep them engaged. The key is to integrate training into everyday work processes while measuring progress at every step along the way. Training content can easily be uploaded to a mobile training app and then assigned to the right employees.

Here’s how you make it work

Upskilling your employees using a mobile training app provides opportunities for ongoing development throughout their time with the company. Building a mobile training app into the workflow allows employees to reskill and upskill themselves on their own time without disrupting their work.

When they use a mobile training app, employees can pick up new skills throughout the year, no matter their location or the kind of device they use. Because of its accessibility across devices, mobile learning is becoming an increasingly popular way to provide employees with training.

In fact, a recent study indicates that 70% of companies plan on implementing mobile learning in the next two years.

If you want to reskill and upskill your employees you have to make sustained efforts over an extended period. You can’t hope to upskill employees by holding a few workshops when it’s convenient. Upskilling should be part of every employee’s experience, regardless of seniority, so everyone continually refreshes their skills and learns new ones in line with technological advances. A mobile training app provides an easy way to integrate upskilling with existing workflows. It can help you engage employees through the entire process. You can see it in use-cases such as onboarding, to continual engagement all the way through an employee’s tenure.

Mobile learning apps keep your workforce competitive by continually refreshing skills and introducing new ones as technology advances.

Companies are constantly evolving and there are more jobs available for people with different skillsets. The corporate world, as we now know it, isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Therefore the only way to keep up with training needs is to look for a good and full-featured mobile training app.

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