Warm, bright and vibrant home décor with Polished Brass Door Hardware

For adding some elegant and authentic sophistication, people use Polished Brass Door accessories. They are a unique and attractive piece of décor which not only make your door look good but also impact your interiors by making it more luxurious and exquisite.
Here are some brass accessories that you can use on your door:
Door Knocker – You can buy some stylish door knockers like doctor knocks or something very common like ring door knocks. However, you can also get some unique door knocks as antique brass door knocks in various designs.
Door Knob – When it comes to choosing your doorknob then most of the people end up buying regular round steel knob, you can instead buy Polished Brass Door Knobs which look beautiful even in regular round shapes. You can also choose knobs or different shapes like square, octagon or addon.
Door Chain – They are not just a safety accessory for the door but also give a unique look to it. So you can use some brass door chain on your door to make it look stylish. Although, they have a regular design yet you can go with different types of brass finishes.
Handle – They are the most used brass accessory on the door so can get a large variety of brass handles in the market. The Polished Brass Door Handles add perfection to your doors. If you have some dark wood doors then you can go with Algarve or Bedford style handles.
Gravity Letter Plate – You can give a unique finish to your front door with brass gravity letter plate. They will make your door look more attractive and elegant. Some manufacturers also manufacture letter plates with the designer or customized carvings.
Different kinds of brass finish for door accessories
Since brass is an alloy of copper and zinc thus the shades of brass can differ with their proportions. From the shades of brass, you can also get various types of finishes on your Polished Brass Door accessories. Here are some most

Common finishes that you can get in the kinds of accessories:
Antique finish – It is the most common finish that is preferred by people as it enhances the authenticity of the brass. If you want some different brass knocks and letter plates then you can go with an antique finish as they will make your decor even more exquisite.
Hammered Finish – This is a unique finish which not many people use but once you match your hammered finish door accessories with your interiors then it will look more graceful. So, you can check a few styles of Polished Brass Door Knobs and handles in the hammered finish. The hammered finish also provides a good grip to all designs of knobs and handles.
Shiny finish – They are also known as polished finish and are widely used by manufacturers on all kinds of door accessories. You can buy Polished Brass Door Handles and all other kinds of accessories in this finish as they are easy to match and can complement any kind of wooden door.

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