Warning Signs your PBX System is Outdated


An efficient business communication system is the key to achieving high employee productivity, efficiency, and long-term and strong relationships in the work environment. If you as a business are still using a legacy PBX system, it may be hurting your business more than you think. With more and more enterprises moving to hosted IP PBX solutions, it’s time to re-evaluate and update your existing systems.

A report by Global Market Insights suggests the hosted IP PBX market will grow by 15% between 2019 to 2025. If these numbers are anything to go by, it’s time to stop ignoring the signs that suggest your PBX system is outdated.

● Mammoth phone bills: Huge phone bills and inconsistent billing patterns are a sure shot sign that your PBX system needs an upgrade. Factors such as licensing, maintenance, renewal fees, equipment costs, technician visits, adding new lines, international calls, and many more factors can result in huge bills. Switching to multi tenant IP PBX software can help save nearly 50% to 75% of costs. There are no wiring costs involved, you enjoy unlimited free local calls, and low-cost international calls ensure reduced phone bills and a whole lot of advanced features. Adding or removing phone lines is a breeze.

● Scalability issues: Your business is growing at a rapid pace just as you had envisioned. However, adding new phone lines to keep pace with your growing business needs could become a big bottleneck. Thinking beyond your traditional phone system and moving to a hosted IP PBX system means your phone system scales as your business grows. Add new phone lines with a few clicks, add features such as call forwarding to handle heavy call volumes, give your employees the gift of freedom and flexibility.

● Hefty hardware prone to outages: Legacy phone systems that run on a copper wire system and traditional desk phones are prone to outages in case of bad weather, or natural disasters. Desk phones may break, get damaged, and stop functioning too. A phone system outage means frustrated customers, partners, loss of reputation, and loss of sales and revenue. This can prove to be expensive for a business. Making a switch to a  means bad weather will not disrupt services anymore, automatic call forwarding of incoming calls during busy hours, and issues if any can be fixed by service providers immediately.

● Lack of important features affecting productivity: Your old phone system does the job of making and receiving calls just right! But think again, is this enough in the modern business landscape? It may not.

o Are all incoming calls being diverted to the right team?

o Are all calls being attended to?

o Do customers have to wait for a very long time for someone to attend their calls?

o Can employees working in the office and remotely collaborate and work together?

If the answer to all these questions is “NO” then it’s time you move to an IP PBX system. A lack of these features is hurting your business and employee productivity more than you think.

Besides, modern IP phone software captures voice call data such as average call waiting time, call volumes, types of calls re ceived, customer handling by employees, and a lot more. Such data is a gold mine for any business and plays a major role in improving overall business efficiency and productivity. If your existing multi tenant ip pbx system is posing the issues listed here, it is time for your business to move on to an IP PBX solution.

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