Wasp Removal King City

Eaves, soffits, and gutters on home exteriors are popular wasp nesting spots. Flowers and plant life attract them to yards, as do patios and other outdoor eating areas with crumbs or sticky soda spills that are not cleaned up. Garbage cans that are not properly covered and regularly emptied also attract wasps that are seeking sources food. Properties with abundant insects and spiders provide ample prey for both developing and mature wasps. Contrary to popular, but inaccurate beliefs, nests left behind by wasp populations that die during the cold weather months are generally not reused by subsequent generations of wasps. Wasp Removal King City

How Serious Are Wasps?

Wasps near the home can ruin outdoor activities and make yardwork difficult. While they rarely go out of their way to sting, wasps may become hostile if threatened or disturbed. Their stings are painful but typically nonthreatening to those without allergies to the wasp’s venom. Wasp Nest Removal

Getting the job done wherever, however – no matter how big or small.

We take pride in providing the best pest control coverage for your family. We listen to the customer because we know that a service company is nothing without its customers. We try and exceed the expectations of all our customers in order to continuously improve our products & services.

Our products are less toxic than toothpaste and they get the job done. We use research done by colleges and universities in order to use the best products in the market.

Bulwark means ‘a defensive barrier’ and that is exactly what we provide for your home – a line of protection. This barrier keeps all of the pests out and kills any pest infestation your home may be experiencing. If you find pests alive and well after we have completed the treatment, we will come back to you for free. That is right, if you are still observing some pests after our work has been done, we will come back and retreat your home within 48 hours.

Our Mission & Values

Quality:  Our staff is dedicated and passionate about providing an exceptional service to every client.

Relationships: We value productive, long-term relationships with our associates and clients.

Our Team: We work together to provide great outcomes.

Our Approach

Our “Service When You Need It” program is a unique and progressive approach to residential pest control and it is of the best value in the industry. This service concept combines quality, value and convenience with environmentally responsible pest control techniques.

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