Watch thousands of people do the wave at Lizzo’s ACL set

Lizzo didn’t perform on a main stage at this year’s Austin City Limits music festival, but she still drew a crowd of tens of thousands. She also got them all to do the wave at the same time. 

Even better, she then got them to send the wave back from the very edge of the crowd, which, according to local news website Austin360, stretched across the entire west end of Austin’s Zilker Park.

Is there anyone more powerful?

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The “75,000” Lizzo refers to in her tweet is the festival’s maximum capacity, so it’s unclear whether 75,000 attendees were actually at this particular set. But it sounds like the show was pretty hard to escape — the festival ended up broadcasting Lizzo’s performance on the screens at other stages, too — so maybe 75,000 people were watching after all. Read more…

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