Watches Lights Types and Differences

Watches Lights Types and Differences

Today we are going to share with you the lights types and their difference used in branded watches. So, let’s start the journey

Victorinox watches

The LED illumination of the watch is curiously implemented in the Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision series . The Swiss brand, known for army knives-transformers with functions for all occasions, and here approached in a military pragmatic way – the models of the line are equipped with three light sources! The LEDs are located at 6 and 12 o’clock, and a compact flashlight is mounted at the base of the strap. The backlight of the Night Vision watch (from English – “night vision”) is powered by two batteries, so when one sits down, there is a backup.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision LED watch performs well in a number of functions that are useful to both military and civilians alike.

Beacon. At the 6 o’clock position, a small red beacon flashes every 10 seconds, helping the owner to find the watch in the dark and signaling that it is time to change one of the batteries. It turns off by five quick clicks of the button on the case between 8 and 9 o’clock.
SOS The distress signal is activated by holding the button for 15 seconds and is visible at a distance of up to 1 km, it is active for 7 days. The function is relevant for Victorinox military owners – in case the signal flares run out.
Time Vision. A quick press of the button turns on the illumination of the dial, evenly covering its entire surface.
Night Vision. Pressing twice quickly turns the backlit watch into a handy compact flashlight, illuminating an area within a radius of one meter.
In addition to LED illumination, the indexes and hands of the Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision are  treated with phosphor.

G-Shock watch backlight
The Casio G-Shock collection is remarkable not only for its fantastic durability. Bright backlighting has been a constant feature of the G-Shock since the classic 1996 DW-5600E. A year earlier, the Casio concern presented its development Casio Illuminator, which was called Foxfire, for the domestic Japanese market. The powerful LED-backlight was subsequently modified by the Super Illuminator, which is used today in all new watches in the series and, as we already wrote, is activated automatically in low light.

Also, in Casio watches, for example in the Baby-G series , models with neon illumination came out. An LED built into the case illuminates the dial markers with a bright glow that simulates ultraviolet light.

To make the Casio G-Shock watch flawlessly functional, the masters of the Casio Corporation have developed a special light-accumulative composition for the indices and hands. The green luminescent coating used in combination with LED backlighting is called Neobrite – unshaven. A striking example of a watch that combines both lights is the stylish model in the Casio G-Shock GA-700CM-2A camouflage case .

Tritium clock illumination
Tritium (superheavy hydrogen) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, which is actively used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Surely, such a characteristic sounds at least alarming, but fears are in vain – the radioactive element is securely enclosed in sealed containers made of borosilicate glass. Even if the container is damaged, the substance is not capable of causing harm to health due to its small amount. It is only important to remember that in no case should you swallow and inhale tritium!

If the LED backlight depends on a battery, and the light-accumulative backlight, although it lasts a long time, requires mandatory contact with the light source, the tritium backlight of the watch does not need external recharging and lasts about 25 years. This is due to the frequent use of tritium in the creation of night vision devices for the army, aviation and navy.

Trigalight (GTLS, trigalight) is a technology of self-activated tritium illumination of wristwatches, developed by the Swiss company Mb-microtec. The concern has been developing tritium light sources since 1968. The first wristwatch with a trigger of the Traser brand was released in 1991 by the order of the US Department of Defense. The US Army has ordered 60,000 watches for units participating in Operation Desert Storm. The debut model Traser P6500 Type 6 was released until 2003.

Luminox watches
The Luminox watch also became famous thanks to the American army. The brand appeared in 1994 and was not commercially successful at first. The contract with the US Navy for a batch of watches with the patented tritium illumination LLT (Luminox Light Technogoly) was the first achievement of the company. Having established itself as a reliable supplier of watches for special purpose units, the brand has become a success among all fans of “tactical watches”, including divers, mountain hikers, climbers, paintball and airsoft players, as well as simply connoisseurs of military aesthetics.

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