Water Chiller System and the Essential Things You Should Know

Temperature is a critical parameter in many industries and commercial spheres. Certain phenomena require specific temperatures to occur and function properly. Many methodologies exist in today’s times to maintain and regulate the heat of an area.

A water chiller system is one such technique that is used widely in industries, hospitals, restaurants, etc. In this post, we have covered the essential details of this system. If you plan to install this system, this write-up will be handy.

What is a Chiller?

Before we know what a water-based chiller is, we must first get an insight into chillers. As the name suggests, a chiller; is used to cool down a component to maintain the surrounding temperature. Hence, it is a kind of refrigeration method used in process control.

Chillers; can be classified as vapor compression and vapor absorption. Vapor compression chillers; can be grouped further under air and water chillers. Read further to know more about water chillers.

What are Water Chillers?

Water chillers are machines in which water plays the role of removing unwanted heat from the refrigerant. The refrigerant then cools down to maintain the temperature of the environment or component. Water chillers can be centrifugal, reciprocating, screw-driven, or scroll compressors based on the technology used for compression.

How Does a Water Chiller System Work?

The subject system comprises an evaporator, a mechanical compressor, an expansion valve, and a condenser.

  • The mechanical compressor runs on a power supply and pushes the refrigerant around the setup.
  • The gaseous refrigerant flows through the condenser coils, and water removes its unwanted heat.
  • The refrigerant turns from gaseous to a liquid state in the condenser and then enters the expansion valve.
  • Then, the refrigerant goes into the evaporator, changing its state again.
  • The heat transfers to the water inside the condenser. It then pumps into cooling water to eliminate the heat.

The Closing Thoughts

A water chiller; is widely used compared to air chillers due to the high heat capacity of water. Thus, lesser energy is required to remove heat from the surrounding using water, thus increasing the system’s efficiency.

About the Company:

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