Waterproof coatings UK

At High Five Construction, we take waterproofing very seriously. Whether making a new structure watertight or upgrading an existing older building, keeping water out is an issue that has forever preoccupied construction projects. Over the last 50 years, methods of waterproofing have developed in leaps and bounds with the advent of some amazing products. At High Five Construction, we will always have a viable solution to keep you dry. Waterproof coatings UK

Specialist tanking membranes to footings and foundations. We can incorporate drainage. We can install new DPC chemical barriers. If you have a basement we can supply Waterproofing through Grades 1 to 4 using a variety of products to waterproof walls and floors. We work with a variety product ranges manufactured by such as Sika (Sika Render), Fosroc (Famguard & Proofex)), Remmers (Multi Tight MB2K &Aida Kiesol) Vandex (Slurries and Renders) RIW (Sheetseal & Toughseal) Koster (Slurries and Renders) On completion we offer a variety of Warranties both in house and Insurance backed. You don’t need an umbrella, you just need High Five!

Surface cleaning UK

Whatever is required, we have the skills to renovate and protect buildings to a very high standard at a reasonable cost.

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