Waterproof outdoor lights in uk

Waterproof LED Wall Light

The LED wall light is a great way to save energy and make your home more appealing. On low it does not produce as much heat and therefore cools the space it’s in even when turned off. This allows you to use lower watt bulbs also, which saves you money on your power bill.

The light is easy to install and is extremely easy to use. However in order for the wall light to work properly, it does require its own battery. If a battery pack is installed, it runs on either a 5 volt or 12 volt fan, which can be easily replaced when the battery pack dies. The fan will automatically start up when you turn on the switch and then turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Waterproof but not waterproof

The way the LED wall lights work is that they create a connection between two copper wires and emit an attractive light that bounces between these two wires. If water gets onto this connection, the lights will shut off and need to be replaced. Although the lights are water resistant, they are not waterproof. All you need to do is place the lights in a low hotspot, where there will be no direct movement of water. In the event that it does get wet, wipe it off with a cloth and let it dry before turning on the wall light.

The LED Wall Lights also have a product life of 25,000 hours. Once this time period has passed your light will begin to dim and eventually stop working entirely. If you have to replace these lights due to low output or dead bulbs you can expect replacement cost of $99 for a single unit or $199 for two units.

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