Waterproofing Solutions by Colours on Walls


Troubled by the leakage of water in your home? Waterproofing is your solution. Spotting wall cracks can be a sign of water damage. The reason for wall cracks is the absorption of excess water over time. Warping, discolouration, and mould spots can also be a signal of water damage. The process of waterproofing involves making the area or a structure water-resistant.

Waterproofing of Bathrooms

The entire visualization of your home gets disturbed if the bathroom looks wet and is filled with water consistently. Not only it affects the beauty of your place but also burns your pocket with extra maintenance costs.  Bathroom Waterproofing is the one-stop solution for this but it’s equally essential to place the waterproofing solutions correctly. The inappropriate selection and application of systems can cause failure towards the prevention of leakage. Some common defects that occur are:

  • Structural joint seepage which exists due to the usage of low-quality material
  • Leakage through concrete due to inappropriate mixing of materials
  • Cracked tiles due to insufficient soaking in water. Tiles lose their tightness with time
  • De-bonding of tiles due to improper detailing of joints
  • Stains of rust due to migration of moisture
  • Inadequate piping and plumbing can lead to leakage at pipe penetration
  • Leakage due to disrupted floor traps

Waterproofing of Roofs

Terrace or roofs are the crucial part of homes and are the ones which are exposed to major climate variations like high temperatures and extensive rainfall. Roof Waterproofing becomes essential to ensure that proper safeguarding is incorporated. The covenants to comply with are to check about the weather conditions of the area, and accordingly, select the system for Roof Waterproofing. The major defects that arise are:

  • Developing of cracks in lime terracing
  • Dampness in ceilings and walls
  • Water penetrates into the ceiling as the tar felt gets cracked
  • Peeling-off of the paint and patches of dampness

The need of waterproofing

  • To avoid penetration of moisture and humidity
  • Prevents in the development of cracks
  • Prevents the structure and foundation building
  • Saves the cost of extra maintenance
  • Prevents the cracking of tiles and peeling-off the paints

Waterproofing consultation by Colours on Walls

The range of waterproofing products on Colours on Walls includes joints for seepage, leakage and cold.  Use of Nano-technology for waterproofing makes the systems more durable and reliable. Colours on walls come with the assistance of choosing the appropriate system for your house through consultation. To make this task hassle-free, waterproofing contractors are available to handle the hectic work. We have our waterproofing contractors in Chennai, Bangalore and various other cities. Go stress-free for making your residence water-resistant with Colours on Walls!

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