Way to choose a good wig

Before starting using wing, take photos of your current hairstyle. Use natural light, outdoors or near a window, to decide if a wig matches the sample.

Make sure your wig is customizable; the size of your head maybe even one size smaller when losing hair.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Cornrow Wig can be made of natural human hair or synthetic materials. When you compare a high-quality synthetic wig, there is not much difference in the appearance of the hair. The main differences are in cost and maintenance, so choose the type that suits your needs.

Synthetic Cornrow Braided Wigs are cheaper, stay in style regardless of the weather, and won’t fade over time. However, they don’t last as long as a wig made from natural hair, and they don’t have as much flexibility in styling.

Natural human hair Cornrow Lace Front Wigs are more expensive and may have fewer colour options, but can be cut, styled, and dyed just like your own hair.

Also, consider how long you expect to have the wig and if you prefer to have a single wig that lasts a long time, or if you want to change your look more frequently with two or more wigs.

How to adjust wig first time

When choosing a wig, look for one that is customizable; your head size can be even smaller when you lose hair. Remove the wig from the hairnet it came in; Shake it gently and lightly to bring it back into shape.

Then arrange the front of the wig cap so that it is about an inch beyond the natural hairline. The wig will not look natural if pulled too far forward and should never be pulled over the ears.

The flaps on the ears should be even and slightly in front of the ears. Push the ribbons on the flaps towards your face so that the wig lies flat against your head. If the Jumbo Goddess Braids is sliding up, you need a larger size. If it’s too big, roll it up once it’s over your head to adjust the back flaps.

Consider getting a padded headband to hold the wig securely and comfortably, or a liner to make the Goddess Box Braids more comfortable to wear. Chemotherapy can make the scalp sensitive, and a wig liner can provide protection and result in more relaxed and more comfortable wear.

How to style your wig

Before styling, always tuck all of your hair behind your ears. Bring forward only the amount of hair necessary to make the wig look natural. On shorter hairs, use the brush as little as possible. Instead, use your fingers and a special wig styling cream, if desired, to create and maintain a hairstyle.

How to care for your wig

The build-up of the conditioner with applications over time is good for the hair. It protects the fiber and extends its useful life. Corn Row Braids polish, or a similar product, should be used after the hair has been washed several times to restore its original shine. Wigs should always be stored in a wig holder, not in a plastic bag or box.

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