Ways for Painful Period Cramps Relief without Medicine

More than 50 percent of women around the world experience period pain and cramps. Therefore, it became necessary for medical science to find ways to relieve period pain and was successful in finding many ways for it. Today, women can get relief from period pain in several ways, whether medicinal or non-medicinal. What else could be better than non-medicinal ways to get relief from unbearable period pains? Some of them are:

  1. Water: Drinking water from time to time during periods can reduce the discomfort that occurs due to bloating. Also, if you drink lukewarm water during periods, it will help you relax your muscles and get relief from soreness.
  2. Herbal Teas: It is proven that herbal teas have anti-inflammatory benefits. One can get relief from muscle spasms around the uterus by drinking herbal teas, such as ginger tea, green tea, etc.
  3. Avoid Junk Food: It is obvious that women crave different food items during periods. But one should consume fruits and other healthy food items to avoid bloating.
  4. Vitamins: Food items containing vitamins such as salmon, almonds, green vegetables, etc., can help you get rid of inflammation and provide you relief from cramps.
  5. Applying Heat: Applying heat with hot water bags and heating pads on the affected muscles can help you get relief during periods. It helps to treat the soreness and cramps around the uterus and provides comfort to you.

There are many more ways to get rid of period cramps such as exercising, decaf, massage therapies, skipping heavy meals, etc. But we can also suggest to you something out of the box that can help you fight severe periods of cramps without the use of any type of medicine.

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