Ways of Long Island Tick And Mosquito Control

Ticks, horse flies and mosquitoes are few of the most irksome pests that are difficult to get rid of. Our homes should always be free from these insects so to keep a clean and healthy environment. Thus, controlling mosquitoes is our first line of defense of providing solution to our insect problems.

Long Island Tick And Mosquito Control

First to consider is keeping the outdoors dirt-free. Never allow mosquitoes to look for their new breeding ground. Eliminate all stagnant waters, mass of cut grasses and dried leaves as well as discarded cans and dug-outs. Maintain an orderly surrounding by keeping rain gutters unclogged and free from leaves. Garbage bins and other containers stored outside our homes should be kept clean all the time. Also, check if downspouts and other drainage areas are working well. If you have swimming pools at home, ensure sanitation by keeping the area chlorinated even when not in use. Plant pots should always be free from water as this may invite mosquitoes to lay eggs. If possible, eliminate things that can hold water which includes discarded cans and tires.

Another way of controlling mosquitoes is through fogging. This method can be very effective if you are planning for an outdoor activity. A thermal fogger works best for residential homes and small businesses. Cold foggers, on the other hand, are ideal for warehouses and other outdoor areas with unwanted pests to get rid of. Apart from these, you can also hire a professional pest controller who could help you out with ponds and ditches around you’re the area.


There are still few effective ways of controlling mosquitoes in your individual homes, one of which is the use of mosquito nets. Treated nets come in different sizes but still serve the same function. They can be used to cover small and even outsized areas such as beds and balcony. In buying a mosquito net, you have to take into consideration the size. The size of the mosquito net should be small enough to keep mosquitoes off but at the same time be able to allow air to circulate. Mosquito zapper is another effective way to manage mosquitoes. This device makes use of ultraviolet light that kills insects upon contact with them. However, research shows that these electric zappers only kill insects that do not bite as mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light. Similar to mosquito zappers is the mosquito magnet. This device can be quite expensive however it proved to be one of the most effective methods in eliminating mosquitoes.

Among the natural ways of repelling insects, mosquito repellent is proven to be effective. Insect repellent does not only help in controlling mosquitoes but also in preventing diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Whether DEET based or picaridine, the use of these repellents must be coupled with necessary precautions so to avoid skin irritation and other problems. Oil of lemon eucalyptus, a plant-based treatment, can also be used very effective even with low concentration of DEET.

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