Ways to Empower and Lift Up Your Girlfriends

We all want to feel good about ourselves and our ability to achieve whatever we set our minds to. That’s what empowerment is all about—having the confidence to show up day after day even when life gets hard. We also want to know we aren’t alone.

9If you have friends who could use your support and encouragement, in good and bad times, be the person who leads by example and lifts your friends up. Here’s some girlfriend advice for empowering your best friends, plus a few best friendship gifts ideas.

Follow Their Dreams

We only have this one life to live, so if your friend is excited about a new opportunity or challenge, give them your blessing. If it’s something that will make them happy and healthy, such as a move to a new city for a great employment opportunity, let them know you support their dreams! Don’t be afraid to shoot them straight either, they may be looking to you for an unbiased opinion. Change is hard and scary for some people. You can give supportive advice to allay their fears, as well as help them work through potential problems and pitfalls.

Look for the Silver Lining

Sometimes a loss can turn out to be an empowering experience. Losing a job, for example, can be devastating, but also an opportunity to find something better. It depends on how one chooses to look at the situation. If a friend is struggling with an issue like this, it’s your chance to help them look at all angles of the situation. We need to hear other points of view because it’s easy to get down or think negative thoughts during distressing times. The glass is half full or half empty, depending on your attitude and perspective on life.

Inspiring Gifts

Every woman likes to receive a little gift, especially as a reminder that they can do anything. A piece of jewelry—such as a necklace or bracelet—with a positive message engraved on it, is one way to lift her spirit. Any token with an inspirational message is a thoughtful gesture to emphasize how much you value her as a strong role model in your life. Why wait for an occasion to give your friend a gift when you can offer a token of your appreciation now when they need it most? In addition to having best friend gifts birthday on hand for when their special day rolls around, pick up little presents so you have gifts prepared for whenever they’re needed.

Listen Without Judgment

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?” A quote often attributed to Buddha or Rumi, though there’s no concrete evidence about its origin. Regardless of who said it, it’s still a valuable sentiment. You can either annoy someone or help them with your advice. Chances are, if your friend is feeling vulnerable about a life event, they want to trust that you are listening without judging. If you think back to a time when someone gave you useful advice, what was it? They probably didn’t give you cliché advice or tell you to quit feeling sorry for yourself. Remember, the goal is for your friend to feel empowered.


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