Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Pain After a Workout

Muscle soreness after a workout is an indicator of a good workout session. If you are new to the exercise and workout sessions, you might not love the muscle soreness after a workout. It can cause walking problems for a while, and you might face difficulty sitting or crouching down. People secretly love after-work-out muscle pain because that is an indicator of a good workout session.

Not all types of muscle soreness are positive pains. At times you might need to call in a physical therapist to relieve your pain. Your back is more prone to a bad injury during a workout session, for which you might need to visit Back pain specialist physical therapy. There are two types of workouts: good workout pain and bad workout pain. Unfortunately, people consider all the workout pain as a good workout pain until and unless they get a sprain or fracture.

Types of workout pain

  • Positive Pain

Positive pain is what you feel when you are progressing in your workout. Sometimes you feel a burning sensation after lifting heavy weights or doing about fifty squats. Your muscles feel numb and entirely out of energy. It is a sign that your muscles are building up lactic acid.

Some people feel muscle soreness after doing the workout. This kind of soreness can sustain from few hours to few days depending upon the frequency of workouts. It causes a little pain and discomfort in doing regular work. It is because your body is not used to high-intensity workouts.

  • Negative Pain

There are some workout pain that outlasts the other if your post-workout pian has sustained more than it should, then you need to contact a therapist. Other than this, if your suspect swelled muscles in some areas, bruising, sudden pain, etc., then you can book an appointment with a physical therapist.

While practicing, if you suffer a sprain, hamstring tear, etc., you must stop working out immediately to prevent more damage. If you are experiencing back pain, you may have to visit a Back pain specialist for physical therapy.

However, negative pain is not that frequent if you work out with your full attention and diligence. You only need to find a way to cure positive muscle pain, for which there is some Best solution for muscle pain.

Ways to get rid of Muscle Soreness

  • Cool Down

After an intense workout session, you can cool down for a while and get your breathing back to normal. Cooling down does not mean that you have to be immobile and sit down to relax. You need to light cool-down activities like slow cycling for 20 minutes or slow walking for few minutes.

  • Try heating pads and ice packs

Once you are at your home, you can use heating pads or ice packs on your sore muscles. You can try both cold and hot therapy to determine which therapy works for your soreness. Ice packs reduce swelling and muscle tension, whereas hot water induces proper blood circulation and peaceful sleep.

  • Book an appointment with a masseuse

What is more relaxing than a good massage after a month of intensive workout? A good massage not only releases the tension from your body. But it also helps in the release of excessive lactic acid.

A good massage is the best solution for muscle pain. It increases blood circulation in the body and decreases muscle soreness.

  • Do some light stretching.

Light stretching before and after a workout session is a great way to release the tension building up in your muscles. It relaxes your muscles and helps in the proper flow of blood circulation and anti-oxidants.

  • Change your diet

You can try eating anti-oxidant-rich food and protein-rich food. If the food palate does not consist of proteins, you should add protein-rich foods to your diet. You can try eating meat, add mushrooms to your diet because of its anti-inflammatory properties, etc.

  • Foam Roll your way out of muscle soreness

Everyone should have a foam roller in their house. It is one of the underrated gym equipment that is the best for healing sore muscles. You can lie down on the yoga mat and use the foam roller to ease the calves’ pain, shoulder, and backaches, etc.

What do the experts say about curing sore muscles?

According to the experts, if none of those mentioned above hacks help you in soothing the pain, you can try getting some sleep. If the pain and soreness exist, you can take some time off training and take ample rest. The pain must not go for more days than expected. If that happens, it is a negative pain and needs to be cured.

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