Ways to Invite A Spiritual Awakening to Transform Your Life

Spiritual awakening is when a person breaks out of the circle of past and future. He is neither repentant about what has happened nor worried about what would happen. In Fact, he is present witnessing the mystery of life unfolding outside him as well as inside him.

What is really interesting is that you don’t have to go anywhere or make special arrangements to become spiritually awakened. It does not require you to climb mountains or leave your home. It is a state of your being. All you have to do is become fully aware of what is already present.

However there are some ways or let’s say changes that you can make to support your journey of awakening.

Today, we will talk about a few of those ways to invite spiritual awakening to transform your life. We will also talk about the best spiritual meditation classes and spiritual awakening programs that can really help you.


During meditation, not only our body but also our mind is still. Meditation in itself is a practice to detach yourself from the past and future and become fully aware of the present. In short we can say that we are practising the awakening even before we are awakened. That’s the reason, meditation has been at the heart of spirituality for many centuries. Moreover, thanks to the development of science and technology, it has been now proved by various researches also that a regular practice of meditation can expand your consciousness manifolds. So for those who are on the spiritual path, meditation should be the priority.


Prayer is not asking for favours or not complaining about something you did not like. In Fact true prayer is when we totally surrender ourselves and become happy with what is given and what is denied. We are grateful for this life and every opportunity that this life offers. Prayer happens in that moment when we completely let go of ourselves and become one with existence.

Though prayer in itself is quite powerful, if you combine it with meditation, it will completely transform your being. That’s why make sure to sit with a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude and experience the miracle unfold within you.

Learn to Let Go

We all can agree that life is full of ups and downs. There is not a single person on the face of this earth who has not tasted both. But our attitude towards life’s problems and gifts can create a huge difference in our spiritual growth. A spiritually awakened person knows that ups and downs are the part of the journey and hence does not take them personally.

This attitude can make a huge difference in our spiritual journey.

Don’t take everything personally. Learn the art of letting go. Cultivate in yourself the art of forgiveness. Try to limit your expectations from others as much as possible. Trust the existence. Whatever happens happens for the best. Just sit back without any remorse, worries, or grudges and enjoy life as it is.

Embracing Life

Embracing life means accepting life in all colours. We know that we can’t control the situations in life but we can certainly choose our attitude towards it.

So choose to celebrate life. Choose to sing and dance. Spend some time in nature or do something that makes you happy.

Those who are on the spiritual journey always remember that Meera sang and danced ecstatically and found liberation. Therefore, make sure there goes not even a day without the celebration.

Self Love

Most people have loved other people yet they don’t know what self love is.

It is treating yourself the way you expect your close ones to treat you. It is forgiving yourself when you think it is the hardest thing to do. Self love is sitting alone and spending time with yourself when all you want is attention and appreciation from others.

What is quite interesting is the fact that you can’t sit in meditation if you don’t love yourself. You won’t be able to accept and forgive others if you can’t love and forgive yourself. So it is one of the most important things if you want to grow spiritually. It is good to drop the expectations you have from others. But it is equally important to be loving with yourself when you could not fulfil the expectations you had for yourself. Start spending more and more time in your own company from today onwards.

As we already mentioned that you don’t need to make special arrangements in order to grow spiritually, yet spiritual awakening programs can immensely help you on this journey. Enlightened Circle is a group of like minded people who conduct spiritual meditation classes regularly. We understand that along with meditation, prayer, gratitude, celebration, self love can really give you the push on the spiritual journey. That’s why we conduct programs for beginners as well as seasoned seekers so that we can learn together and grow together.

If you are also looking for friends who are on the same path please contact us

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