Simple Ways to Reset Netgear Wgt624 Router

Netgear router




Netgear Wgt624 is the best wireless routers that come with SUPER G Technology to Increase your Internet speed. It provides a 4-port control which means you can connect 4 or more wired devices to the router.  Also, the router has compatibility with both 802.11b & 802.11g wireless standards. But, if the Netgear router stops working, attached systems won’t be able to use the Internet. In this situation, you should contact the technical expert by dialing the Netgear Customer Support Number to fix the problems instantly.

Also, you can reset your router with the ‘Reset’ switch or through the router’s configuration page. Both techniques will remove the settings of your Netgear Wgt624 Router & restore it to the factory default.

Reset Button

  1. Plug your Netgear router into an electric channel. But, if your system is on already, then you can avoid this step.
  2. Click the ‘Reset’ switch placed on the back of your Netgear router to the router’s antenna.
  3. Then, hold the switch for 5 few seconds. Till the LED light on.
  4. Now, release the Reset Switch. Your router will reset & restart automatically. When starting again, Netgear Wgt624 router is restored to the factory settings.

NETGEAR Router’s Configuration Menu

  1. Attach the Netgear Wgt624 router to the electric channel & attach it to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Launch your internet browser and enter router’s IP address. Generally, the Internet Protocol address is If you have altered it, then you must enter the current IP address of the Netgear router.
  3. Enter the default login IDs, like the username “admin “& login the password ‘Password’.
  4. Select the ‘Backup Settings’ choice, & click the ‘Erase’ switch. Press the ‘Yes’ switch to confirm that you want to reset & restore your Netgear Wgt624. Wait sometimes until your Netgear router resets & restarts automatically.

When starting again, the router is restored to the default factory settings. Remember that changing the Netgear Wgt624 router will reset the system to the default factory & delete all settings and information that you have used to the system. Never try to turn off the system or the router during the reset process. Still, if you have any issues regarding the Netgear Wgt624 Router reset process, it’s recommended to avail Netgear Router Customer Support expert and get complete solutions instantly.

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