Ways to Take Action on Spine Pain Today

Do you have back pain that is keeping you up at night? Performance Pain Houston is an expert resource on chronic pain and how to handle it. Below, we will break down some of the ways that you can take action on your spine pain today!

1. Change Your Bed/Sleeping Position The first thing that you need to consider is your sleeping position and how it may be contributing to your chronic pain. Think about whether a new mattress might solve the issue. Then, also keep in mind if your sleeping position affects how painful your back is in the morning.

2. Buy a New Pillow In addition to your bed and sleeping position, another factor to consider is your pillow. Therefore, if you want to keep your chronic pain in check, you are encouraged to buy a new pillow. If you get a memory foam pillow, it can help you straighten out your spine.

3. Exercise More Getting more exercise is a great way to improve your back’s strength. Therefore, be sure to start going on daily walks, runs, and so on. The more exercise you get, the likelier it will be for your back pain to minimize and/or go away. Go right here to learn more about exercise and how it can help your back pain.

4. Consciously Change Your Posture One of the main reasons you may have back pain is due to your posture. Remember to always stand up straight and keep your shoulders back. This will be the best way that you can help your posture improve. With better posture comes less likelihood of chronic back pain.

5. Call a Doctor and Schedule an Appointment A doctor is always the best source when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. Therefore, be sure to call your doctor right away if you think that your back pain merits treatment. This is also generally the best way to improve your spine’s health in a short period of time.

Ready to Schedule a Professional Pain Intervention? If you think that you need to see a spine doctor Houston, then you might be right! Here at Performance Pain, we are experts in all forms of chronic pain. If you have exhausted your ability to treat your back pain at home, you are invited to come to stop by for a free consultation!

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